Shy, disobedient and grieving children to be diagnosed as "mentally ill"

An old article, but I’ve only just discovered it.

In their attempt to pathologise and thereby profit from treatment of every mildly socially undesirable behaviour, members of the American Psychiatric Association are seeking to include shyness, disobedience and grief at the loss of a loved one in DSM-V, the proposed fifth edition of the psychiatrist’s Bible.

Shy children may find themselves diagnosed with “social anxiety disorder” and children who are sad after losing a loved one may find themselves being told that they have “depressive disorder”.

Especially chilling is the inclusion of “oppositional defiant disorder”, in which children who question authority may be forced to undergo therapy, lest they continue to be defiant as adults. This is one of those circumstances where a comparison to Orwell’s 1984 is actually valid; creating a generation of young people in whom all rebellion, an essential component of a free society, has been stamped out is likely to be disastrous for democracy and may result is the next generation being even more passive drones than the current one.

One cannot help but wonder how long it will be before every single person is classified with some kind of disorder.

You know, I remember when Tom Cruise blew up, pull Brooke Shields on blast and told Matt that he didn’t know the history of Psychiatry. A long with the rant he was spitting vile, scientology fueled venom at Psychiatry. Sometimes I really wonder at all the shitty things Psychiatry has done to the general populace and whether or not maybe wacky assed Tom Cruise doesn’t have a point to hate the lot.

There’s always some kind of new fad going on in each generate that’s trying really hard to make parents worry out of there minds and have the media convince them to buy xxx pills to help there kids 'cause they NEED IT TO SURVIVE or some bullshit like that.

I remember I was diagnose with ADHD when I was a kid because I liked to make random jokes to my consular about… well anything.

Then I remember seeing some kind of documentary on how this kid and his parents have a hard time “adjusting” to life because the boy had ADHD. The fuck is wrong with these people? It’s like there life was totally fine until they found out they had ADHD, which in reality isn’t that big of a deal.
Is it really that hard to live-- when you have ADHD? I didn’t have any problems, I seem fine… fine… fine… fine…


He was partially right, but for entirely the wrong reasons.

So don’t worry, he’s still an idiot.

I’m not worried at all. It just makes me raise an eyebrow at all the nonsense that the big pharmaceutical companies have gotten away with. I don’t think children should be medicated considering that Wu-tang is for the children and you wouldn’t be able to play their albums outloud in schools.

So until a Teacher can give children their proper dose of the Wu, them kids shouldn’t be having something that will affect them negatively.

For many years the problem we have always had is there is no clear way of checking someone’s brain to see if something is wrong without hurting them or spending tons of money on expensive procedures. So people would just look for symptoms and throw pills at it. In recent years imaging technology has rapidly improved and for the first time we are finally getting some results on these types of issues.

The thing is they are finding that not all of these conditions are made up. They have found that some people do in fact have abnormal brain function. At the same time they are also finding that there are a lot of people getting incorrectly diagnosed! ADHD has been one of these cases where most people who were diagnosed with it didn’t actually have it, but there are people who did in fact have something.

That being said people are way too quick to throw chemicals at children to “solve” these issues when they are not well explored. I remember this one ADHD medicine I was on I couldn’t Pee! Dead serious, I was constipated on the front side and one time all I could piss was Semen. I’ll take the ADHD and the ability to piss thank you.

Azz-Whuppin: My Anti-Drug.


Pretty much exactly this. I was on Effexor and Lexapro for like 6 years straight starting when I was 12. I needed it at the time because I was having weekly panic attacks, but it should have been a temporary thing, no one ever questioned why I was on it for so long. When I went to college I said fuck it and stopped cold turkey, haven’t have a panic attack since.

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was like 10. I took Ritalin for 7 years. That drug was a problem. I didn’t have ADD. I was an unhappy kid with crazy (,loving) parents.

Deciding not to take that shit was among the best moves I ever made.

Took an abnormal psych class last semester pretty interesting stuff, the most surprising thing I learned was that therapy alone was a much more effective treatment than drugs or even stronger than drugs+therapy.

Fact: People need therapy AKA someone who gives a shit about them and tries to address the root cause of where there mental problems stem from not expensive placebos which is what the majority of pills at any given pharmacy are. Generally only the strongest of meds like anti psychotics have any real effect on a human body.

similar to how a lot of parents (typically from poorer families) are told that their kids have ADHD because they are badly behaved.

erm, no. more like it is just they have never been disciplined since a lot of the parents dont actually care about looking after their kids, they just want the free money/house and dont actually want to get a job and contribute anything to society.

psychiatry is bullshit. doctors barely (if at all) understand why and how most of the shit they prescribe works.

It seems like everyday there’s a new pharmaceutical drug to treat something. While I can see some doing actual benefit, the vast majority that have severe chances of negative effects are worse than the drugs that are classified as illegal.

There is such a thickly interwoven mixture of truth and bullshit in the profession of psychiatry that it is almost not worth the time to unravel it all. Suffice it to say that some people legitimately do better on medication and some don’t, and those two categories don’t always correspond to the people who actually do get medicated and those who don’t.

If I were to attempt to boil it down as much as possible, I would ask the question: is somebody behaving in a way that they know is an impediment to the way they want to live, but can’t bring themselves to stop doing it under their own power?

Man, I remember back in the day, me and my lil brother were diagnosed with ADHD because we were little shitheads. I knew that we were little shitheads even back then.

We were both prescribed Ritalin and, later, Adderall. My brother took all that shit. I never did. I just gave him my prescription when we got it filled. He turned out to be a arrogant fuckhead and I turned out to be a well-adjusted arrogant fuckhead.

Psychiatry is bullshit. :lol:

Part of the problem is schools. Teachers don’t like students who can stand up for themselves and say no, and they especially don’t like students who aren’t afraid of them.

Parents also fail to realize that kids given Ritalin and or Adderal have a higher chance of becoming addicted to stronger amphetamines that are sold on the street.

clearly your problem with psychiatry stems from a past encounter with a psychiatrist who touched you where he should, or its some unresolved issue with your mom. We should talk about this, clearly its not healthy.

The couldn’t one then make the argument that its an issue of will?

This, basically.

Lmfao. Nah, our psychiatrist didn’t even take enough of an interest in us to bother trying talk, let alone touch us. Unresolved issue? With my mom? Nah, nigga. My mother resolved ALL issues. With a belt/shoe/switch/paddle/extension cord/hanger/etc. lol.

…Pizza is a vegetable.

One could. But what does one do to solve the problem?

(Telling people to get more willpower is not much of a solution.)

Why must you remind me of that?