Sibby - "Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is a terrible game"

Interesting article, hilarious read, definitely something to ponder regarding Kusoru (name derived from shit Sol) winning at Final Round.


[Disclaimer: No trolling thanks, I love Marvel 3, I posted this because there is a certain deal of irony in someone who is famous for trolling top players in Japan taking out a game the country as a whole don’t really care about]

:eek: This article is required reading for everyone who plays this game seriously.

If you’ve been struggling internally with Marvel 3, this article sheds some very appropriate light on what may (or may not) be going on regarding how you feel.

You don’t have to agree with what it says, but you should (you almost MUST) learn something from it.

Also love mahvel, but yeah, it’s quite shitty. I do realize that’s not the point, but it is.

That video makes me wanna play marvel right now

“play for the love of the game, or get log trapped” XD

That article draws some very kusoge conclusions and I think UMvC3 is just as trash as the next guy.

We all already know MVC3 is shit; we play it because we like it despite that/because it’s what everyone else playing.

Well there’s a lot of reasons why Japan wouldn’t care about Marvel and it goes past the gameplay (Marvel characters for example aren’t as hype for them as say Jojo’s or Hokuto No Ken characters would be).

I feel it’s only really shitty for people who are looking for “fair” mechanics in a Marvel game. Which that’s the whole point of Marvel…it’s a fighting game version of being out on the streets, anything goes. Of course that allows the game to present a lot of oppressive, near inescapable situations but it wouldn’t be Marvel if it didn’t have that.

It’s a double edged sword because it allows you to be extremely creative with your character and attack/defensive options. The other end of the sword is that as people get more creative with those options…just like in older Marvel games it will start to shut out viability of some of the characters and force a lot of having to study the game religiously to deal with those oppressive situations. Forcing the guy who just wants to get in and play to eventually give up because he knows to consistently win against Morrigan + Missiles he has to win within 10 seconds or else. Then it just starts not being the type of game for everybody anymore.

XF3 characters are considered scrubby or whatever but once people learn to snap them in or generally deal with them they won’t be that much issue either. Dark Wesker is one of the most complained about amongst any average player but it will get to the point where if you lose 2 characters and your last guy is Dark Wesker, you’re probably not going to survive against Zero no matter what XF you’re in. That’s if your Dark Wesker doesn’t get snapped in and killed first. That’s also if they don’t nerf Zero.

Yet, despite all of that still only the top top players actually win consistently at the game. There’s a lot of crazy stuff like extremely fast left/right mix ups, assists that lock you down into multiple near unseeable high/low mix ups, TAC’s, and a mechanic that basically makes your damage and frame data better for a set amount of seconds. Even with all of that they still come through on top. Meaning the best players still know how to force you to play around their rules even if the game itself doesn’t have many.

If PR Rog can win with a team that is basically 3 point characters and sometimes has Dante on it…the game isn’t really that shitty to me any way. If it was that bad PR Rog woudl be using some real end game team like Zero/Dante/Strider and get top 64 at best instead of 2nd place.

In general I think if XF2 and 3 lasted shorter and characters that are near untouchable without using distance options that can TOD you by themselves like Zero were further toned…the game would be pretty fine at that point. I think the biggest thing for a lot of people is just it’s obvious they intended to make the game as accessible for players as possible despite how badly they’re getting beat through the XF mechanic. We’ll see if Capcom throws in one more balance patch or so but I’m kinda doubting it. Just gonna have to fight the power I think.

I’ve been using the same team since Marvel 2… it still works.

I love Marvel, but I love it because it’s a pile of broken vibrators. It’s just fun you know, I can play SF and part of me appreciates the mind games, but most of me just gets really fucking bored.

Marvel is ridiculous, and fun because it’s ridiculous, but that’s exactly why the top Japanese players wont touch it, they see it as a broken mess, and not an actual fighting game.

The top Japanese players are also playing a ton of other games where reason to delve into the game is also much less due to. I wouldn’t blame Tokido for not playing the game too much even if he likes the game simply because in Japan there’s obviously going to be more high level competition for SFIV. The scene for SFIV there I’m sure is just too interesting to just get away from. Tokido also goes hard in Tekken, VF and other games also so going hard in crazy mechanic fighter is just not really up there on the agenda.

I don’t really care who does or doesn’t like Marvel in Japan. The people who would do the best at it are the ones that are playing it any ways and that’s enough for me (the poverty players and their poverty gods).

Blah blah… blah blah blah blah.

Winning without playing “the American way” (top tiers and cheapest of the cheap only)= the game is shitty.
Japan thinks game is shitty, and I say they said it, so it’s shitty.

Conclusion: Marvel is shitty because it just is.

I’ll re-read it the next time I knock back 40 shots and see whether or not it makes any more sense.
Eventually… maybe 4th of July weekend or something.

Until then I’ve got to say that this blog post drew alot of assinine (see what I did there?) conclusions for alot of seemingly ignorant reasons without providing any real evidence of anything relevant, and I’m not even really sure of what the point of it was if there was one. Unless it was the conclusion, in which case I must say the post is very long-winded.

Though, I do at least agree with the implied thoughts of Japan regarding MvC2. THAT was a truly terrible game, and I’m not sure how U/MvC3 qualifies (though, X-Factor is definitely a terrible mechanic for the most part). I know pretty much everyone disagrees, but I’ll frankly never be capable of fooling myself into believing that a game where 90% of the characters available are almost proven suicide is a good game by any stretch of mind. Off-topic? You bet your ass it is, but at least I provided an actual reason for it :coffee:

So… what, Marvel is a shitty game because people underestimated Rocket Raccoon and nobody was familiar with the match up?

Hell I can’t even tell how this blogger is defining shitty. Half the time it seems like he means terribad and unplayable and the other half he means silly and ridiculous.

To the top Japanese players ridiculous and shit are the same thing

One comment there said it best: UMvC3 = McDonalds.

I read that and all I got out of it was the japanese don’t like marvel so its a shit game. I don’t give a fuck what the japanese think. A guy brought some crazy shit to a tourney and cleaned the floor with everyone. Do you really think that shits never happened?

I guess he’s right we should all except the fact that mvc2 and mvc3 are shit games.

If I played MvC3 in a vacuum and came up with my own absurd tricks you can bet your top dollar I would surprise some motherfuckers the first time I showed it off.

Can srk suck any more asian cock?

Except there have been videos of Japanese UMvC3 and Kusoru. Hell Kusoru has been uploading lots of UMvC3 tech on his youtube channel.

Stay mad.

No disrespect, but I’m really tired of people excusing some of the stupid and busted mechanics in this game for IT’S MAHVEL BABY. The game has a ton of flaws that get ignored because of this reasoning, it is possible to make a game over the top and not be broken. I enjoy playing this game, but deep down I shake my head at more things than I probably should because a lot of it just stupid.

Best part of the vid: Filipino champ wasn’t salty

Man if the Vs. series wasn’t ridiculous I wouldn’t be playing fighting games. I love the crazy.

…Wait if they hate ridiculous why the flying fuck do they love Darkstalkers so much?

What is broken about the mechanics? I don’t see anything not working as intended. Dislike of ease of Tod and the like is not broken. Unless broken means doesn’t play like sf2.