Siberian Blizzard looks like a awesome ultra

but then your opponent see’s they’re health bar and is like oh is that all?
it didn’t do much damage at all…(someone even said that to me once during a match)

not trying to complain about this ultra
it’s just some people are wowed and amazed by how it looks and then they’re shocked to see they still have some health left over(more so then they thought they would have)

Siberian ultra do pretty shitty damage for what it looks also thawk u2

couldn’t they of added a few more points of damage to the blizzard?
not too many but maybe 3 or 4 points

The weakest character has 750 hit points. 3 or 4 points would be like a light breeze on the cheek of most characters. Most moves chip two or three times that much.

yeah but it’s better then doing the same as a super

Wait, you wanna buff the damage from 450 to 454? What’s the point? I’d rather see its grab box increased so it grabs from farther away. Or its recovery buffed so that Gief recovers as soon as he hits the ground, like Dudley’s super. Stupid Dudley!

But honestly, it could be buffed to 600 damage and it still wouldn’t be the preferred Ultra. I can think of very few instances where U2 would be better than U1. This is made especially true due to Gief’s headbutt. You never know when a dizzy is gonna happen, and I’d rather perform the game’s most damaging move than this abomination.

Hi, new member here. I’ve been using U2 exclusively for the past two weeks. For me, it’s a really good defensive option. I use it mainly when an opponent is trying to cross me up on wakeup. Usually stops them cold or the match ends with that. Have anyone else been using U2 like that?

Here is an example of a random match:


Why would an opponent other than Rufus even think of trying to cross up Gief? U2 is good for that but if you’ve done that once, even a new player would say “OH he has U2, let me not cross him up anymore”.

Still, the only matchup I have seen U2 actually make a REAL difference is Chun, the fact that she cannot back dash, NJ or EX SBK on wakeup once you have U2 basicly changes the whole matchup and gives Gief alot of favor.

i think U2 gives zangief some help against blanka and juri