Siberian Technology: Zangief Frame Data

Screens from the Guide:


Let’s discuss some usages for his normals with our new data. His stuff seems really ridiculous for frame trapping. Definitely more happy with this than what we got in SSF4 & AE.

Thanks for this post! Do you have the frame data for double suplex ? (360K)

The startup listed is 8 frames for the 360K motion. So assuming you release the button as fast as possible you can start the grab check in 8 frames.

Just to clarify, the way Gief’s grab functions in this game is pretty interesting. You startup the motion, and on release the grab checks to see if the opponent is in grab range. If not Gief starts up his RBG. EX on the other hand starts up in 4 frames, making it one of the fastest possible options for Gief.

Also, updated the thread with the missing screens.

Do you have the frame data for ultracombo1? (360 KKK)

I updated the original post with the missing screens. 360KKK is pretty ridiculous in this game.

Also, good to see top Gief’s on SRK. Really enjoy watching your technical style.

This is great. I think Zangief’s normals are pretty good overall, as they were in SF4.

One question: In the Cancellable column, what does the “SM, EX, SA, CA” mean? I’m guessing it means Special Move, EX Move, Super Art and… something else?

SM: Special Move
EX: EX Special Move
SA: Super Art
CA: Cross Art/Cross Assault

My guide just arrived today. :slight_smile:

Anyone else enjoying pressure with mp - lk xx lp GH pressure. Pretty much a total Day 1 tactic but it’s hard to deal with if you are playing against someone who isn’t really educated in frame data.

The first pic! It is down! I needs it!

Edit: Wait! The standing normals seem to be duplicated in the second pic anyway. Whew!

Rehosted the image. Do you know if tinypic just drops images over time or this is just a one time thing.

I have no idea. I know that SOME image hosting sites will temporarilly disable an image if it gets too much traffic. But I think this time it was just a glitch or something.