Sick combos with III

There’s a lot of variations when you do Electric Snake in corner but what i’m looking for is sick combos after Electric Snake. Well, long combos & juggles. I’m practicing with that character and i want to punish everyone in the corner. Any help would be appreciated. :tup: NECRO RULES!!:nunchuck:

there are already a million combo threads, make sure to show posts from the begining.

make it up as you go along. just keep in mind of how far each move/normal is able to reach. besides, dont rely on combos too much. rely on how pressure your opponent in the corner to the extreme.

all this threads never have especific combos only ground combos or SA1 combos

after a sa3

makoto : b.strong
elena : b.strong
chunli : she is stun use b.jab d.fierce etc
shotos : jab electricity bd.fierce jab he is stun use b.strong x3 bd fierce jab jab roll
urien : jab electricity bd.fierce strong
alex : :confused:
remy : jab electricity strong
12: jab electricity strong
Q: jab electricity bd fierce b strong
dudley : use SA1
yun: use SA1
yan : use SA1
oro: use SA1
necro : i hate de mirror matches
hugo: :confused:
ibuki: use SA1

usefull chain b.short x2 strong …etc
especific stun juggles please !!!

wtf was all that stuff you just typed? It didn’t really make too much sense.

And actually if you look at all the threads and read there are plenty.

here’s one that has the basic follow up to SA 3

But yeah if you read all the threads (by showing from the begining, this question has been covered.

por example:
1- what is the best juggle on remy after a SA3 (stunned) ??
2- what is the best juggle on hugo after a SA3 (stunned and not stunned)??
3- can hit alex after a SA3??
4- what is the best juggle after a grab in corner (stunned) for especific chars ??

this question an more never have answer in old theads

1 - -> db.fp -> -> db.fp ->
2 - hmm this is hard…

stunned: stand lp -> db.fp x5

not stunned: lp electricity -> db.fp -> lp tornado hook - > db.fp -> tornado hook (im not too sure if the lp electricity will get hugo, but i know that db.fp -> tornado hook (first hit) works if timed right)

3: just lp x3

4: makoto: neutral grab (stun) -> stand lp -> -> db.fp -> -> db fp -> stand lk -> db fp

not sure about the rest

actually on hugo fuck the standing lp just go straight into db+fp x6 then when he drops do b+RH, db+fp x6 again! woo

Not stuned actually the best thing would be just do lp+elec and then go for 3 db+F

On alex after SA3 in the corner, do the normal follow up. If he’s stunned do the hugo follow up.

On makoto what he said, except I’d just start with the Db+fierce if you can or start with the back+mp which is slightly easier. both work the first is harder.

As for that hasn’t been answered, most of this has been answered in other threads.

And the first question definetly wasn’t as specific as yours, and your questions have been answered before.

i am not stupid
i am read all thead of necro forum and never answer this question
on hugo you can’t hit whit a jab bd fierce x6 because you try conect 8 hit counts and the limits is 6 hits count (in air)
he is not stuned you can’t conect jab elect bd fierce x3 (you try conect 7 hits count and don’t see air link)

more questions …

5- what chars take the ex stun combo ( qcb pp (ex) qcb kk(ex) jab jab roll??
i am see in urien and shotos any more
6- sugiyama chun killer combo (s.jab d fierce…etc ) work in other char??

i am speak spanish but i want play good whit necro
thank you very much

Saving this for memorization!

Ummm the hugo stuff works. I know it does. For sure.

You can hit urien, alex and hugo with DB+fierce times 6 stunned or not.

As for you second question, that combos dumb uses too much meter, so don’t bother to learn it. (at least if it’s the combo I think your talking about, I can’t tell for sure.)

and if your talking about a stun combo on chun-li just do standing jab, d+fierce repeat until you get six hits, Then as they are standing there stunned (depending on your meter, do Fierce Tornado hook, fierce electricity. If you have the meter just do B+rh, s.MP xx Electricity.

it’s better to then db.fp as opposed to stand lp then db.fp when she’s stunned. works for me.

yeah, but I was just going with that crap he posted. but you are correct. Back+Mp does work and is more damage is not so hard.

Against stunned makato off of sa3,, db.hp,, d.hp, db.hp.

Does good damage and looks fancy as hell too! I forget if you can fit a jab at the end.

Against hugo, you can get add after db.hpx6. I can only get 5 db.hp on alex, guess i’m not timing that last hit right. Never tried it on urien.

yeah at the end of the makoto combo you can do jab adn I think you can actually do jab xx lp elec. I didn’t know about that hugo thing though thats cool! I find it easiest to do repeated elbows on hugo, then on urien, then on alex.

on stunned mak: db fierce,b+strong,bd fierce,b+strong,st.short,jab,jab lp

I think this works, i can never get that last jab in there, but i can get s.short jab lp (cant remember if i cancelled or waited)

i can’t use normal finish on alex i am only can a jab
if he stunned i can’t s.jab bd.fierce i am only can s.jab x4 s.strong

what chars take SA3 after snake fang this work on makoto (and dudley take one hit) any more??
take chun [b.strong , bd.fierce] etc ??
what chars take SA3 after jab roll??

more questions
what chars take 2 sa3 in mind screem ??(alex , elena)

ryu, ken, akuma, sean, necro (only 1 hit).

Doesn’t Oro take one hit to? I believe I saw Sugi kill Hungbee that way in Evo2k5, but maybe he was already dizzy… I’ll have to check that up.