Side Event: People's Choice - Best Custom Stick

How great would it be if there was actually a chance to win for creativity in the scene? Something simple like a $5 entry fee, winner-take-all for best overall custom stick. There could be judges to narrow them down to, say, five or ten finalists, then they could put them on a projector and let the masses cheer it out for the overall winner. There should be a chance for controllers as uniquely awesome as the PedoStick-TE to be showcased and rewarded. Thoughts?

They tried this already, although not at evo, just in the Tech talk. Thing is it created a whole lot of controversy as to the rating factors? How exactly do you judge the best stick?
Best stick case? cleanest wiring job? Most original design? Best artwork? Aesthetically the best or egonomically the best?
Hell is a mod job really considered a custom (some would argue no)?

As much as I would love this (mostly because I would enter both my BP sticks and have a pretty darn good chance at winning), it happened before and failed.

If this happens, Valaris is banned imo.

No fair :frowning:

you should just have people enter their sticks based on if they think its good looking. then showcase them at evo and everybody who looks at them votes on the best one.


Would definitely be fun. Dunno about it actually going on IN evo, but someone could host it.

Would we need to bring the sticks or just pictures of them? I’ll be totally honest I don’t trust anyone but myself with my sticks and wouldn’t feel alright leaving them to someone displaying them.
Nor do I feel like bringing both with me through the airports.

Valaris, I like the idea of photos. It’s not the reall thing to see and feel but a good collection of photos would be pretty interesting to see.

Maybe I should host my hotel room to collect photos of custom sticks. It could go towards the project I talked about awhile back of publishing a book of some of the best sticks, in the vain of

I gotta flesh this idea out…:shy:

I would just bring pictures I already have of them. I don’t want to go through airport/customs with my spike-chun li stick again.

Valaris’ chun stick is so beastly Mr. Wizard banned it from Evo.

Real talk.

If they do, do this.

They should ban pre-made sticks like HRAPS,TE’s etc.
Full custom made sticks are what people are gunna wanna see, customs are like art man.:tup:

If not we’ll have a million peeps all like.“LOOK AT MY HRAP!!! All I did was mod it.”:bluu:

-EX :cool: