Side Switch in Training Mode?

Is there any way you can Quick Reset and start on the 2P side when in Training Mode? Similar to how you can start in the corners by holding the respective directions when resetting?

why? you know you can just jump to the other side…

Here’s a list of all the training mode shorcuts I know of:

Back+Start - Reset
Hold left or right while Reseting to reset on that side.
Hold an assist button to Reset with that character on point
Combine the two to start in a corner with any member of your team.

Please GTFO of the thread if you don’t have anything to add.

I can also nudge the opposing character to the corners if I want to place them in those positions too. Doesn’t change the fact that there’s a mechanism tailored for doing it faster.

I asked a similar question not too long ago and got flamed.

I still think the imputs are impractical if youre trying to save state something. Or if you have the ai fighting back, my the time you take your hands off the reset you’re already getting comboed.

holy fk never knew we could do this. thanks brodinand hernandez

The funny part is, the inputs for resetting training mode take more execution than some of the characters in this game… lol.

None of these shortcuts are feasible on my Hori.


If there was, I’m pretty positive it would be somewhere in your game’s instruction manual if you have it. Otherwise, no.

I guess people flame others about this topic because for whatever reason one would want to start on the opposite side sounds lame. I’ve really yet to understand the significance of it myself and can only hazard a guess that it’s execution related. If it is, I can admit that I’m like John Choi. “I can’t do DPs on a TE while being on the left side.” Unless you’ve got an old dinosaur stick like the one he uses, I know for someone such as myself that I simply have to practice my execution and make certain that I land that stick in the DF position (while my character’s on the left) so I can not drop anything.

mvc3 has the best training mode imo(atleast out of the current games).

It’s pretty good, but it’s missing several useful features.

BlazBlue has the best training mode I’ve seen yet this gen.

3S and MK9 have the worst.

That BB practice screen before an online fight is hawt.

Whether or not you care for the game. BB has the best feature list of any modern fighter by a landslide.

BB training mode is top tier:rofl:.