Side Tourny , SSBM in BYOC room

Whos down for another one? a good amount of people entered last year, i forgot who won, i think it was Y2jay, but im not sure…anywho, who would be down, it would be 5 $ entrance fee, with a 1st place 75% and a 2nd place 25 %. Since ssbm can fit 64 peeps in tourny mode, i would host it in that mode. Bring your own controllers damn it, i will bring some, but it would better if you brought your own, seeing as most people would probably be more comfortable with that.

wouldn’t MLG be running the official one? why a side one?

Hey, nobody in their right mind would pass up two tournaments of their favorite game at the same event, right?

Why not? just for fun, i want as much smash as i can get, maybe ill throw 2 or 3.

I think it kind of takes away when you have the same tournament over and over. It’s like, congratulations you won the tournament, now your the best, except for these other ppl that also won the same tournament. Make something creative at least, not just the same thing.

A team tourny then. 2 on 2 format in tourny mode. weeee

How many people entered last year? I have some friends that will enter if a good amount went. Is MLG running an offical Smash Tourney at evo?

I said it once and I’ll say it again:

I’m down for this shit! :tup:

Yea, a singles and a 2v2.

ha, i guess we need a new side tourney idea then. Random teams?

How about you play with items on?

im in…

side casual, maybe, in a tourny? never