Where can I get the NewType and Gamepro sidestories? I’m English and am having difficulty. Plus, are these the only 2 side stories?

I suppose they are on the 2nd TPB. Besides, could somebody post right here the names of all the backup stories from all the issues? I’d like to know which they are.


Sorry, whats the 2nd TPB?

The 2nd Trade Paper back. I think it’s called “Round 2”.

I have them all (minus the Gamepro and Newtype, yet #0), I will post them momentarily

The Newtype special with Cammy and the SF Summer Special with Chun Li are in the 2nd TPB, but not the Sagat gamepro story.

If you mean posting scans of the pages, don’t. That’s not allowed around here.

The Sagat Gamepro story will be in TPB 3. It all makes sense. We planned it that way. Just be patient. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
So just to clear this up. Any stories that appear in other publications (Newtype and Gamepro magazine for example) will sooner or later appear in the Trade Paper Backs?
This is mint news for me because although they are only short stories, I still don’t want to miss any and I thought I was going to as no-where near me sells Newtype or Gamepro.
Thanks alot for your help.

:snkc: Sano, no. I meant, the titles of each…NAMEs

You can get them . If you type in Gamepro issue 181 { Google it. }

It’ll show up.

Then go to and ask for back issues. I think it cost 3 dollars or something. Send me a pm if you still need help ! :slight_smile:

Oh my bad! :blush:

Cool, that’s the only one I don’t have scanned, er I mean have a copy of that magazine :tup: Good to know I can finally pay you guys for those good stories. :clap: