Sig Battle part#1 - Poll


can u vote for urself? lol


damn…that bowser is sick

im gonna be civil and not vote at all:D

no, sorry

How is anyone going to know if you vote for yourself?

thats true but i want to trust all the entriers that they wont but if they do vote for themselves then oh well.:o

I vote for #16, I tried to PM, but your box is full :bluu: I will try again later.


Is there a site with all of them and their respected numbers?

how are u supposed to know the entries

Oh I see that ENTRIES at the top is the link.

You need to make that a lot more noticeable.

umm…this is kinda messed up…cause ppl can keep making new accounts…and vote over and over…its kinda not fiar…but o well


welcome to the last battle we had

Woah those are some really nice avs guys…good work!

wow… all is dependend on the honor system… oh well… at least as i see HF and NRO top…i guess there aint cheatin

o.O!!! DOOD! i’m in the lead… O.o’ …i expected to come in last place…PEOPLE GET YOUR GLASSES ON BEFORE YOU VOTE…or unless you’re gonna vote for one fucked up one like mine… I love NRO’s tag!!!

voted for bowser.

thanks man, but yours is good too