Sig Battle

you think you got what it takes to run with the big boys. well lets see what you got.:cool:

Theme: BadGuy/evil characters

Judges: Master Chibi, GigAHertZ, AsianDemon, The_Final_Rush, and cham_13_.

1)Maximum width= 450
2)Maximum height= 150
3)Minimum width= 250
4)Minimum height= 50
5)Maximum file size= 70kb
6)Anyone may enter except for jugdes.
7)Sig must be created by YOU!
8)Only .gif, .jpg, and .png are allowed.
9)NO spamming! I will request a temp ban for those who spam.
10)Sig entries end on May 10, 2004.
11)you can switch or edit your entry once before the jugding starts.

on may 11, 2004 the judging will start. on may 12, 2004 the winner will be revealed.

hell yeah…a battle in SRK!!! Alright count me in buddy!!! :smiley:

great. glad to see you participating

Ok I’m done…

i too am done my contribution, looks like itll be a good battle.

whoa, good job guys. im starting to have seconds thoughts about entering.:eek: im still going to though.

Gahh…I hate my name and I wanna change it…it looks ugly in tags and shit…:bluu:

it doesnt look that bad, typo is my hardest part, i suck at find the right font to use.

here’s my entry:


lol…damnit i hate u guys…i was gonna enter…but i can already tell…i would be in last place right now:bluu: …lol:p

dont be scared… just enter… come on its all about fun here…

alright…fine ill give it a try:p

Is it?.

Well I havn’t made anything in ages… so what the hell.

edit: seems to be coming out lighter than usual…

wut else can it be…

ok guys here it is…i tried:pit isnt that great though

lookin pretty good guys

ill put mine up later ^_^.

Well somebody should mark as the last place. I’ll enter.
Just gemme some time.