Sig Request

hey can someone make me a sig with these 2 pics on it…

and SIK96NEON on the top leftand I Scrape on the bottom right both in neon green. thanks :slight_smile:

Sig or av?


whats the pixel dimentions and byte size limit.

I have no clue homeboy, do you think you could just use your best judgement and make one within the limits of most sites that allow sigs? sorry I cant be of more help with the deminsions

ok, i’ll make it just the right size for the pics.

We can’t even have sigs here at these forums though, no?

Not at SRK.

You guys both changed your avatars at the same time…Spooky.

do you want the cars to stay the same color.

yeah keep the cars the same colour please, just make the two word things neon green oh and can you take out the background of the pics so just the car’s showing in the sig. thanks

here you go, let me know if you want any changes:

whoa, that is really nice Seth. When and how did you lean to do this in photoshop?

I’m trying to teach myself a little but i’m not sure where to start. I need a tutorial or something.

thats very nice man but do you think you can make the background colour different so it doesnt take away from the car and possibly animate the words on the sig? if you cant do that it’s cool, and thanks alot it looks awesome:)

try this site: its very handy for starters.