(sigh) Another Ava Request

Well my premimum membership is running out and I gotta ditch the amazing avatar I have now :sad: .

Anyway I was thinking of an avatar where CE’ Blanka is doing his roll attack and blasts through:
CE’ Ryu
CE’ Guile
CE’ Bison
and CE’ Sagat (if possible)

Also at the end could hebe doing his winning pose where he stands up, pumps his arms and yells.

CE’ blue color for Blanka is prefered but if you can’t get it, no biggie.

That is all, and thanks a lot in advance.

Um, just to let you know, when your premium runs out you can still keep the avatar as long as you don’t change it.

Whoa really? I thought it would just reset your avatar, thanks for the pointer. The offer still stands though, I’d like to switch this avatar in a few months or so. Thanks again.