*Sigh* Another Avatar Request

Yeah. I’ve worn this one (courtesy of DarkGiygas) for a few months (10k times longer than usual) and it’s time a got another.

Preferably with one or both of these pics. Thanks in advance.


Shin Akuma

Who did the artwork for this game? It’s beyond awesome.

Those pics definitely look like Nona’s work.

He did the official cabinet art for SvC: Chaos and the ending art for KOF XI.

Don’t make me yell.

i will!

edit: will redo this to be better >>


Name and a border, and that av would be win.

what colors should i go with on the boarder and letters? i cant think of it myself

white border, white outline black letters. ( just my opinion )

thats the best i can do with the restrictive file size

That’ll work.

Thank you!

no problem n.n that picture was too badass to not do it