*sigh* Problem with my Hori Stick 3


Hey everyone.
I’m new to fighting sticks.

I just got this Hori Fighting Stick 3 from some guy on ebay who gave me a good deal for it. I got it like 10 minutes ago…literally…

Everything works perfectly fine…except for :db: :d: :df:

Now, I’ve lurked around and read some stuff and you guys seem like fighting stick geniuses.

I know sticks can be modded and fixed and opened up and all that good stuff.
I was wondering if I could fix my little problem here.

Yes, I can provide pictures.

If this requires me to open the it up then fine, but know that I will be asking a lot of questions.

So please, if anyone here could take a moment of their time to help me I would gladly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.:china:


Open it up and take photo of inside.


Ok, will do.


Pretty much it.
Just tell me if you need to see more.


Did the stick come with no screws for the joystick housing? Laugh.

Note how on the third picture, the topmost microswitch is misaligned? That’s the microswitch for “down”, you need to realign the screw holes. Open up the housing and there should be depressions on the lower part of the housing to properly align the microswitches up in respect to the joystick shaft.

Otherwise that switch is dead and you need to desolder it and buy a new microswitch and resolder it to the same wires.


derp why are there no screws in the joystick housing?


Ok, about the screws in the joystick housing:
That was me.
They were really easy to remove and the problem was relating to the joystick so I thought that needed to be done.
But yeah, it did come with the screws. Guess I should screw them back in yes?

Again, I know nothing of joysticks.


Thanks for the help…but can I ask you something?
My first language is not english and some of the words you are using there are just killing me here XD!

Do you have MSN? You seem to really know what you are talking about.
Maybe we can have a one on one convo which is faster and easier.
I’ll be adding you just for this…if it’s ok with you.


With the screws in, does it make a click noise when you press the joystick up? Are there any loose wires?


Yes, it does click.
And no, no wires are or feel loose.

I really don’t understand.
Sorry I can’t explain any better.
But I feel like someone here might have a solution for this.



That means 1 of two scenarios

Scenario one means that your board is dead in registering the down input. If that’s the case there is nothing you can do to salvage the board and you’d have to get a new control board. This is possible but highly unlikely

Scenario 2 means the microswitch is now dead and you’d have to replace it. This is most likely the case and you’ll have to replace the microswitch.
You can take this opportunity to modify the entire joystick to make it feel a bit better.

How to Mod the Hori Fighting Stick EX2 with Authentic Arcade Parts (Xbox 360 Version) Pineconeattack!

This tutorial works the exact same way even though it is not the same joystick.

You’ll need 4 new microswitches if you were to replace the entire set. I recommend the ones used in the JLF, but not the same ones used in the JLF pcb housing as then you’d have to cut the tops away. If you wish you can also change the gate but you would need a drill. You will definitely need a soldering iron and solder to do this modification though. Take one switch at a time and desolder the wires from the old switch one at a time and attach it to the new switch. Repeat until all the switches are replaced. Screw back on the top gate and voila, this should work just fine.