*Sigh* TE Stick, have the money

But to shell out 330 USD, or not? :frowning:

I really really want one of these bad boys. On the other hand I keep hearing they won’t be available anymore because the March and April shipments are for fulfilling pre-orders.

I don’t know if I should just go ahead and shell out this cash I have for it though. >_< I’m just afraid to shell this much out and suddenly see one in a store for 150 USD about 3 months down the line. On the other hand I want it now!!!

What do you guys think?

330 US? Hell no!

You can get an excellent custom stick here for 100-200. Don’t buy the overpriced TE stick on ebay.

Plus, one thing that worries me is that I keep hearing this first batch is defective, if not for that I would have gladly bought one…I just wonder if these cases are isolated though or really a bad batch?

I went ahead and just ordered a custom stick from one of the many fantastic builders here. It will run you easily 100$ LESS than what you are willing to pay for the TE, with possibly even more features than the TE. The only downside is you have to wait longer, so I guess you are still back at your dilemma of whether you should shell out the cash for it now or wait. From what I have heard and read, MC will be producing as many TE/SE sticks as there is a demand for them, so I find it highly unlikely that you will not be able to find one for normal retail within a couple of months. I chose to buy a custom because I figured that I wouldn’t be able to get a TE stick for 150$ before the custom stick would be completed anyways, and there are some advantages to custom sticks.

But all things considered, if you must get your hands on a TE now, and are comfortable spending the money, then you should go ahead and get it now, realizing that you may very well find it cheaper elsewhere in the future.

But like I said, I chose to go the custom stick route, and you may be happy doing that as well. It is at least worth a look.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and I hope you found my suggestions helpful. :slight_smile:

Sigh This is exactly the kind of answer that keeps me from pushing Buy It Now. XD

Thanks dude! I don’t know how much longer I can hold out (I have a HRAP3 that’s still not shipped to me), I want this for my 360. XD

Just wait and order a custom stick. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

source: http://www.gamingbits.com/content/view/5257/1/

If you can do it and not miss a step money wise go for it you only live once right. Chances of seeing them in stores buy the summer are pretty good though. Question is can you wait?

I love you. (Not in THAT way XD)

I hope you’re right about MC producing more, now stepping back and looking at it, it seems pointless to pay double for something.

I will want to build my own custom stick someday (I’ve found a good idea here from someone who used a chessboard!!!) and maybe my urge to buy the TE stick is just from my impulsiveness. You have to admit the TE stick’s a beast though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, awesome people, you all. Thanks for the feedback!

Get a hrap3 or some other hori to tide you over. If you’re looking for the ps3 ver someone posted that they’re sporadically popping up on amazon for $100 on restocks. This way you get a decent stick sooner than later, and when the te appears in the store you’ve got that one. So, you get two good sticks for less than the price of what you’re willing to shell out now.

For the price of a TE stick ($150) you can get a custom one built to your specifications. Or, you could get the SE stick, put in the Sanwa parts yourself, and have money left over. There’s no reason to overpay for a TE stick.

You do realize for the price of that stick, you can buy a PS3?

Also Lt_Col_Sanders, your av makes me laugh.


Prices are great.

its amazing see how high the prices for these are going… even if madcats and gamestores are saying there should be wave of releases sometime in april.

but seriously, if you can afford it and you want it that bad then go for it. whatever makes you happy. if i lived in a world where i could wipe my ass with benjamins, i would get the stick too.

Buy it. Then post here. I want to laugh at you.

Don’t do it. You’ll just be supporting the @$$holes who bought them up to resell them to desperate people at a big profit. They’re not limited, and they’ll keep making them as long as people keep buying them. Just stay in touch with your favorite local games retailer and let them know you need one, trust me, they want to sell you a $150 accessory. Looks good on the bottom line.

Or hell, track down a SE and mod the hell out of it. You’ll have a great stick and $200 in cash!

You could get the SE and swap out the buttons. Just like what ^ above me said.

Go custom. There’s nothing special about the TE. Better to get a higher quality stick with custom graphics, etc for less money.

You can always make your own stick as well. It might not be as amazing as the work of respected custom stick builders here ofcourse. But it gets the job done definitely and you get to play with original arcade parts without waiting. Also there are looong queues with stick builders, making your own will definitely take shorter than that waiting time.

However, if you are a patient guy, definitely wait for TE or a custom stick.

Yeah, I love the idiots who put Only 3,000 made. I would’ve probably paid $250 max for it, no way am I paying double. Thank God Resident Evil 5 is coming out this week so I won’t have to hunt down a TE and by the time I’m done with RE5, there will be plenty of TEs.