For me, it has been a recurring problem in a fighting game.
It may happen at school, playing CvS2, Third Strike, or even Street Fighter IV online.

What it is is this. Sometimes I actually take pity on the other guy I’m playing against. I don’t rush down with the attacks, don’t always punish the attacks I block, or parry, I don’t know.

Thing is, I feel like the other guy is going to cry or something. This isn’t my kind of scene so I just let them win. This doesn’t always happen. I usually try to get better at the game. But this sort of thing usually happens in real life at the arcades.

Should I take pity on these guys?


Hahahaha…hell no.
Their tears give me power.


is the other guy gonna give you your money back for playing


fuck him then



Is there a shrink in this room?


I slept through AP Psych back in high school 15 years ago, does that count?


Only if it keeps them putting quarters in YOUR machine.


Beat them to the ground. If they can’t take it, and won’t adjust. They will stop playing after someone else does.


I guess one of the problems is that I equate ruthlessness to bullying. Not the kind you see in grade school, but the kind you see from women with bad attitudes, or professors that you don’t cut you some slack when you’re having a bad day.
I feel like I’m no better than they are.


Had this issue with Tekken especially when the other guy was getting a promotion chance. Still all I do is block and do light punishes chipping away a little damage of the guy’s life. This forces them to learn not to throw moves like an idiot (lol DP) or… Suprisingingly this forces them to do feint moves, bait me and punish me. If that happens I tear them a new one since that shows they know how to play.

Point is, don’t play ranked If your going to go soft at the end or something when the point is to win.


First I beat the shit out of them to establish my dominance then I take it easy


You’re showing mercy because you feel like your in position of power, position to control their fate. You’re not being a good guy, you’re not doing him a favor.

Actually, you’re being condescending by thinking you’re in a position to give them “pity”.

Did he ask you to go easy on him? You really think you’re doing him a favor if he’s trying to learn to play the game correctly when you go easy on him? You feel better about yourself “giving” them a chance by playing half assed?

If you want to help them, give them advice after the match and punish all their mistakes so they stop making them. Letting them get away with mistakes and giving them wins is stunting their growth as players and making them think that what they’re doing is good when it isn’t.


What is this madness?

Fighting games revolve entirely around pummeling your opponent until they collapse to the ground splattered with blood and choking on their shattered teeth. The sheer nature of such games requires ruthlessness in order to punish your rival and secure victory.

Taking your opponent’s “feelings” into consideration is ludicrous. Would they spare a second thinking about how heart-broken you’d be if they utterly destroyed you for a perfect victory? HELL NO! They’d keep throwing out combos and mashing buttons until you’re sprawled across the arena.

Finally, you need to remember that it’s just a game. Anybody who actually sheds tears over a loss (exceptions being tournaments and money matches) needs to put down the stick and have their head examined.






One time, I double perfected a young kid in Tekken. His mom yelled at me. Kid shouldn’t have put quarters into the machine if he didn’t want to get beat.


Sodium Tears are the beverage of champions.


I only hold back for the sake of making my wins more amusing. Like letting people kill two of my characters in Marvel and then OCVing their ass.

Aside from that, if they can’t deal with a crushing defeat then they’ll never get better at the game. If they can deal with it however, they’ll only get stronger by losing miserably. That’s how it worked out for me, at least.


Being a terrible player, I hate it when this happens honestly. First it isn’t really helping me improve, I mightn’t learn much from being completely dominated, but I’ll learn nothing from someone purposefully playing bad.

Also it’s a lot more diheartening to lose while they are very obviously holding back.


Depends for me. Online, I’ll occasionally sandbag a few… then lay the law down, depending on who I’m playing.
In the arcade, no…
I also like to keep my PP low so I can beat the smack out of random scrubs, so I tend to intentionally lose every other fight. It’s a hidden superiority complex.


Depends entirely on the tone of the matches. There’s no arcades here, so this is strictly online talk.

The first 2-3 are to figure out who is better at the game. Then if someone is clearly much better I enjoy when they play to help me get better. They’ll punish a move, but not do everything they could so that the match continues. I do the same thing when playing people who I’ much better than. There’s a lot you can infer just by playing someone online without voice-chat. If it’s friendly and everyone’s having fun, why not try to help someone level up a little?

After you show them how it’s done, of course.


No tears, please, it’s a waste of good suffering…