Sigma Av7000 jamma harness/kick harness questions


Does anyone know if the default harness that comes with the av7000 also supports cps2 kick buttons or if you still need the separate kick harness?

also for neo geo games will I need a separate harness for that?

Cps1 Street Fighter Clones?

Just trying to figure all this out. I just acquired an av7000 harness + 2 9000tb sticks and want to make sure I don’t need anything else to start testing this setup (Thanks GaijinPunch!)

Also If I do need the dedicated kick harnesses, do you guys know any cheap places to acquire these other than random eBay search?

If the harness doesn’t come with a separate white cable on it already then yes you need to get a kick harness. I know neoamusement makes customized jamma harnesses with the kick harness already on it. A friend of mine bought the Sigma Raijin and he has to spend the extra money to have one made.

I saw the neoamusement one but $150 + shipping for a jamma harness is just way too steep.