Sign here if you want a akuma origin comic

look at subject. hey maybe they might listen

I’ll sign to that…

Hopefully it’ll show Gouken and Goutetsu in action.

Though personally I always just saw as Akuma as a Ryu type guy who trained and trained until he decided he would do anything to win, not matter what… which isn’t really the best story in the world…

I’d love to see what they’d do with it so yeah, signs down name

No. Gouki needs to remain mysterious IMHO.

I agree with that. We did get a small amount of detail from Gouken about his brother & what happened, it’s just the same as what Ryu is going through. But the fact that everything for Akuma is told in past-tense in minute detail is part of what adds to the mystery.

I think akuma and m.bison should,nt be a mystery anymore since capcom ain,t gonna make a new street fighter game in a long time.

Yes, they should, it’s the essence of both of the Characters. All Animes including the crappy US cartoon have retained the mystery of the two. The only people psychotic enough to give you Origins of these two are those nutty Hong Kong SF Comics that suck.

Heck, even when Marvel finally decided to reveal Wolverine’s Origin, they still did not answer all of the questions surrounding him and brought up some new questions like who is his real father.

Mysterious Characters need to remain mysterious.

It was Dog’s father by resemblance.:evil:

I understand, but we should have at least one issue or back-up storly told from his point of view. His mind his on another level when it comes to approaching life and fighting. It would be cool to see the world the way he sees it.

The question is, is he Wolverine’s Father, or did his Healing Factor, plus the fact that he got his name Logan have an effect in him growing up to look like Dog’s Father. It seems something went on between Dog’s Father and Wolvie’s Momma, but no concrete evidence Dog’s Father is his dad. Marvel did this on purpose to keep the mystery of Wolverine.

Speaking of which, before Origin, Quesada was talking to the director of the X-Men Movie. The director stated how Wolverine’s Origin wouldn’t work in a comic book, but should be a Movie.

While I disagree with Quesada on lots of Issues (Thanks for removing continuity between comics and having Asfgard float over NYC in one book, NYC destroyed in another and NYC perfectly fine in other books, ya big jerk!) I agree with him here. If anyone is going to give up the Origins of these characters it should be Capcom of Japan. If not, keep the mystery.

shrugs Aye, you make sence. If Adon did there own origin and then Capcom Japan did something else it be a shame.

But I’d also like something on him… Even if its a story of him fighting someone other then Ryu or Bison. Even if its someone totally made up - just to show that little bit more of him other then the reallyevil looking guy wanting an ulimate final battle to truly test his limits - or that part of him but outside of Ryu.

I know as a character there isn’t that much too him (though you could argue that for most of the characters) - it would be nice to see a little bit more of him. If even just to build up the threat he is to Ryu in the tournament.

Well yeah but Capcom did that not Udon. And Capcom did it for Street Fighter Zero no less (unless the Eternal Challenge Art book thing lied to me)… still its not much is there other then Evil looking dude now and then tries to make money when he can’t be bothered swimming the channel between Japan and China. laughs

And it still doesn’t change that it be nice to see him do a bit more in a comic or two no?

Well considering I brought up the idea first, it should be obvious where my vote goes. I’d like to see ATLEAST a little. Maybe a reason as to why he strives so hard for the ultimate strength. Something that happened to him before he was the red-eyed Shun Goku Satsu-ing badass that we know him to be now. I can understand the argument for keeping him mysterious to a point, til I think back to how awesome the Wolverine Origin was. I think Udon are the right people to do something like this. We don’t need his entire life story, but maybe a few more bits and pieces that could help us Akuma fans relate to him a bit more?
(On a side-note, are Akuma’s beads all the same size, or do they get a lil smaller as they go back? Aside from stealing 20 skee-balls, where could I get something like that from?!!?)

If it were to be done…it should be based on this fic.

Definately high enough quality for the comic. If you do make this comic, and get inspiration from this story, Udoneko, please give credit to FistsofFury. I doubt you’ll even do this comic, but on the oddball chance that you do use this…I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

I’m still reading the fanfic and its great so far, but i dont think Akuma’s orign should be a stand alone like wolverine. It should be a Flash Back Story arc with in the main story for more Character Devlopement.And I don’t mean a Back-up this suggestion would take up an entire issue. How about that?:cool:

i would like to see a full on battle with akuma and his master gogetsu and the moment that akuma lost all sense of humanity. I heard story of how his master die, but if the story was put into a comic with illustration that would be nice. this way the a little of akuma’s mystery could be reveal but also give the fans a sense of how he came about.

It was a decent story, but I have to disagree with you. Udon should come up with their own story for it, and not just copy a fan fic. Maybe it is just because I don’t see the story playing out quite like that.

Now that can work as a Flaskback issue. Thats a great idea.:cool:

i must agree that udon should do a storyline on akuma’s origin but not now maybe some where down the road because think about streetfighter is just coming up and the buzz is just getting started. Its better not to give away to much to soon. Even though we got a peeky on akuma in issue 1 how he is and sees things it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a storyling on his origin.