Sign up for the SRK artbook!

Since people here seem to like the idea, let’s have a sign up for it. Just respond here and I’ll add you to the list. Once everyone is signed up, we’ll discuss the subject matter and do a thread showcasing the artwork.

Sign up ends Friday, April 17th.

Here’s the list so far;

Dreaded Fist
Big Mex
Jz_Chu 237
Mr. Twelve

Sign up and lets get this thing moving!

why don’t we just include everyone so no one feels left out. I doubt we’re gonna get more than 100 entries and most likely people will be doubling up.

I’m in either way.

That works. So just sign up here if you want to be in the book. :wonder:

Shoot, I’m in. Anything I should know as far as limits here?

Love the idea; count me in. I’d totally be into that, after not getting drafted for that recent Darkstalkers one from UDON :stuck_out_tongue:

Not just yet. I think we’re leaning towards a universal gaming artbook, not just one based on fighting games. Thanks for signing up!

Im in for sure.

I’m keen as. Sign me up! Lets get this thing sign sealed delivered by july :tup:

i’m so in.

I’m in too. As far as subject matter, I think with this being an “SRK” book, it should only be fighting games. It really makes no sense to do art for a game that is not fighting game relative. With this book I hope the goal would be partly to help promote as THE fighting game site for everyone (and every fighting game).
I would be up for us doing this and also maybe we can add in Stick art too…?

(BTW, you can see some of my old stuff here @ )

lets get a good date for this. like mid summer. So there’s plenty of time to turn a quality piece. And while we’re at it, to make it interesting, lets give each person 1 page front and back. Front will be the illustration, and back will be the process.

I am not following your “Front/Back” concept.

Each person gets 1 sheet is what I should have said. That equals to two pages, on the front will be the final piece, and on the back will be the sketches that lead up to the final piece. If you’ve seen james jean’s process recess 2 book you’ll know what I mean.

Considered me signed!!!

count me in. can’t wait for this :smiley:

sign me up

I’m intrigued. Would definitely throw down some art!

Lot of Fan Art Pros seem to be participating, and there’s probably more to come!

No worries, I won’t litter a page with my MSPaint submission. But I hope that this artbook does end up happening.

May you all create something awesome. For SRK!

I’m Down. Sign me up.

Wow, the sign up list is getting long! :sweat:

Dreaded; I don’t think we should devote 2 pages for each artist. Keep in mind that each page is going to cost us money when its time to print, and increase the price of the book. I think we’d be better served following the Capcom Design Works formula where they have the image and below it is a quick paragraph where the artist discusses his/her inspiration. Here’s an example;

Also if you’re doing a simple image, you may end up sharing a page with someone else. However, you will be credited!

Oh, and one more thing, we should definitely take a vote on who gets the front and back cover illustration spot!