Signature DeeJay

So I was bored, and this happened to be on my mind, and I wanted to make a thread about it.
Some might find this completely useless; heck, it just might be.
But I think it’d be cool if we could set ourselves apart this way.

Now, to the main point…Which DeeJay do you rock? What costume? What color? What taunt?

And don’t worry, if someone has the same color as you, I’m sure we can work something out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternate 1
Color 3
Taunt 9

Any objections?

Alt 1
Color 11
Taunt 9

I’ve only used his original costume in tournaments when they don’t have the alts :confused:

Color 10
taunt 8

Color 5
Taunt 9

Will start using alt 1 once i get it

I don’t have a favorite costume but taunt 9 is a must

pikotan style wearing them orange pants (if it aint dutch…)

Light green pants (forget which number)
Original outfit
Taunt 9
Victory quote 5 (“No regrets! Don’t look back!”) or 10 (“Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s Dee Jay time!”)

Heh, Cool Runnings…

My favorite:
Original outfit, the dark purple or black
Taunt 1, 9 and

Alt 2
Colour 4
Taunt 3

Sometimes I go for Original Colour 10. I like how Dee Jay’s even more black when you choose that colour.

Hell yeah I have objections, that’s my setup

Color 5
Taunt 9

Taunt 9 is the best, you just have to sport it.

most of the times
original or alt2
color 2
taunt 9

I got a backup color, don’t worry lol. Color 5 or 7of Alt 1 whenever the need arises.

Alt 2
Color 6
PA 9
WQ 10

IslandBoy is now rockin:
Alt 2
Color 3
I can’t believe I didn’t find this one before…

I’m surprised all of you guys taunt - I turn mine off so I can plink dash -> ultra 2.

If you explain this, and it works, I will never taunt ever again.

If you turn off taunt, you can plink 3P with HK. If you don’t turn off taunt, you end up taunting due to the HK and HP (from 3P) overlapping.

Don’t kicks override punches when plinking?