Signature Getting Modified for ToS Violations?

Hey, so I didn’t see anybody else post about this, so here goes: I recently added a bit to the length of my signature, and saw that it was auto-edited saying it violated the terms of use. I checked the terms, and they said to make your signature shorter if you were getting an error message. I thought “OK, my sig is just too long now, I’ll edit it down.”

So I did, multiple times, each time getting the same warning. It is now shorter than it used to be. The ToS say sigs can’t be more than 4 lines or 1000 characters, both of which my signature clearly is not (It is 3 lines and <300 chars). It doesn’t contain anything else that would violate the terms either.

What I have noticed is that if I remove one of the links from the signature (there used to be two links), the signature violation warnings cease. Adding it back in produces the warning message again. So it seems that the second link (which is to an SRK thread) is somehow violating the ToS? I’m a little confused, as I used to have both links in the signature, so there doesn’t appear to be a “maximum links in signature” rule.

One link limit for signatures.

Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Must be a new rule then, I guess. I hope they actually put this in the rules though, because it currently seems to not be documented.

Huh? But I’ve most definitely seen others have multiple links in a signature. Also I use my sig to advertise my tournaments, and it’s only 2 links. And that rule isn’t even listed in the ToS.

Ive increased it to 2 links for now.

Awesome. Thank you based Wizard.


Are images not allowed in signatures now? I’m trying to use a small image from my photobucket in my signature, and keep getting the ToS violation message.

images in sigs are disabled.