Signature Moments of Suprise Butt Secks -- Currently Taking Requests


you can request what 2 characters and color edits, etc. i have all the 3s sprites, any other characters you’ll have to provide them.

this goes for any game, 2d wise. i’m going to require the 2 charcters have to be from the same series though. (from the same game) unless i approve otherwize.

if you have any questions or requests, please… bring 'em.

PIck UP:

Jida -

Taskmaster -

Makoto_Scrub -

Jae Hoon -

Put them closer but not in actual contact.

And I want Akuma to be this color.

^i loled and repped.

yea i know… :lol:

Millia and May or Baiken. Just make it is sick/disgusting as possible. Colours are fine as it is

Edit: Feel free to judge me

sick/disgusting as in bloody and gore?
sick/disgusting as in perverted?

Perverted. I’m not that sick.

:rofl: ok, i’ll get started on it.

edit: do you have the rest of the animations for that Baiken? i have an idea. :wgrin:

I’ll search for it


Only found these. Maybe you can use them when inverted.

I wonder, cause I’m having a sick idea to:wgrin:

Good shit, Johnny.

:rofl: i’m not going to go that far b/c it wouldn’t be aloud on srk.

…but i think we have the same idea.

thanks! glad you likes.

can A Mod Or Admin Please Change The Name Of My Thread To:

Signature Moments Of Suprise Butt Secks – Now Taking Requests

a pm could work better…also, i’m trying really HORD not to neg you, johnny, REALLY HORD, lol.

you’re lucky that i like you…no emo.

If you still wanna make the non-allowed one, PM me a link, I wont use it, not here at least, but now you got me curious

i didn’t know you starded the trend. i just know it was there. SOWWY, :sweat:

what’s emo?

lol, okay… i dunno, i’ve heard that even though it’s “cartoon”, it’s child pornography. i don’t think i’m willing to go that far.

Is Millia underage? In that case, leave the too sick one. I’m guessing it’s May though

not the trend but the avatar in general that you’re currently wearing…


oh shit. will my sig make up for it, or do you want me to retire it? i understand. i shoulda asked what you thought of it before i did/put it on.

seriously, what emo? are you talking about cutting yourself up and shit? :confused:

edit: n/m. fixed.


you can still wear it, i thought the shyt was funny, but yea in the future just ask me first. put that shyt back on.

emo? i got tired of typing homo. that’s all.