Signature rules

Couldn’t find anything regarding this when I googled around, [except for this post from 3 years ago]([ terms of service and rules ] all must read this

I’ve seen a ton of signatures that are longer than 4 lines, heck, mine’s been this way since I’ve joined and nobody’s ever come to me about it. So I assume the post I’ve found is out of date.

So what are the current signature rules, and/or where can I read them?

IIRC 4 lines was always the rule but pretty much no mod bothered to enforce it unless it involved images or included really big text or was just a giant wall of text that was >4 lines long.

What about images? Is there a pixel size limitation?

Images are fully banned in signatures.

What about video embeds?

Some users (not gonna name anyone) have YT vids and streams embeded into their sigs.

TMK it’s text-only.

what about images hidden behind spoiler tags? seen a couple of these and wondering if this is allowed.

No images in spoiler tags, end of story. Text-only.