Signed Dual Modded SF4 TE Stick with Custom MvC Art

[INDENT=2]I have a nice Madcatz SF4 Dual Modded TE. It has MvC3 custom art but the best part is:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]It’s signed by Seth Killian as well as the voice actors for Ryu (who signed his name on the picture of Ryu on the custom art) as well as the voice actor for Felicia. All sanwa parts of course.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2][FONT=Helvetica]It has some minor scratches on the base panel (I can try give you close up pics if you want but my camera sucks) and the border for the art was divided into 4 laminated pieces, however one of the pieces was lost, but it’s still a pretty dual modded stick and the signatures make it all the more better. It’s also bulkier and feels MUCH better than any SE I’ve tried. It’s also dual modded with a TEasy Strike (the more expensive of the dual modding options) and it’s very easy to pop off and go right back to 360 only mode if you ever would want to (IDK why you would though.)[/FONT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=2][FONT=Helvetica]The USB cable is pretty damn long (about 13-14ft I think) so you shouldn’t have an issue sitting far away :p[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=2]Also comes in original Madcatz TE box.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Had some light use. Buttons definitely have a lot of life in them.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=2]Thanks. If you’re interested please message me back :)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]***[FONT=Helvetica]I am somewhat open to negotiations but I’m looking for $314.95 (shipping included, which is a good perk because TE’s are pretty damn heavy)[/FONT]***[/INDENT]

[INDENT=2]…oofstick4.jpg/ [FONT=arial black](Note the border piece here is present but I lost it now. The rest of the stick for the most part is the exact same. See the third pic of the current border for the art)[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=2][FONT=arial black]** (Sorry bad quality on this one :(, my camera now sucks)**[/FONT][/INDENT]

Edit: Also I have received a couple requests to sell this without the art. I am looking to sell the stick as it is, so I’m not interested in selling it without the art.

How do I edit thread titles >_< I just realized I had to add WTS:

good luck with that one lol

Can you remove the art and I’ll give you $100?

bump. Price droppage
Also Please no troll posts/thread crapping. Thank you. Also no I will not be selling this without the art.

Why in the top picture does the plexi looks like the it is not fully covering the artwork?

The problem here is that you are selling a modded TE. Cut it however you want it is a modded TE. Custom Art and Dual modded. I have seen Modded Femme Fatale sticks and Modded Round 1 TE’s sell for roughly $200 shipped. These included a plexi with removable art, Multi console modded with an RJ adapter and multiple cables. Also with full array of buttons and joysticks. The signatures are an added bonus. Not everyone values Seth and the other peoples sigs for the extra hundred you are wanting for it. I am not crapping on your thread but informing you of why you say people are tolling you. The price you are asking is too much. If someone was willing to spend $300+ then they would go get a full custom stick tuned to their likings not someones modded TE.

You are allowed to sell for whatever prices you want. If the price is too high, it won’t sell, simple as that. There is no need to thread crap. The sigs may not be worth the extra cash to YOU, but they may be worth it to someone else. At least he is following the rules & price dropping with his bump, unlike a lot of other sellers. Take it to PM’s if you have a problem with someone’s prices. :rolleyes:

^^^^well said sir^^^^^^

Very well said eperelez!

Glws op.

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Thanks :slight_smile: further price drop.

Exactly the point I was going to make. Stop crapping the thread, there’s no need to in the end–it’s his price. Next signs of crapping will be infracted, and to that guy that said he didn’t care, try me kiddo.

130 shipped.