Silent Hill Thread


Hey guys, I didn’t see a Silent Hill thread, so I took the liberty to make one just for you guys! :lovin:

Basically what I’m shooting for with this thread is discuss why you guys love the game(s), what makes it so great, whats your favorite of the 4 and so on and so forth…

I’ll start off…My favorite one of the series of Silent Hill 2, there was something so amazing about it, you really fall in love with the character(s) and its a great survival horror game with one hell of a plot twist. If you need to play ONE game in your lifetime, this may just be it…

The Silent Hill Thread: "How to" guide on giving birth to a god
Silent hill thread

Resident Evil 2 was better. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Niggas got beef now…




Don’t be hating because I am a true gamer! :wgrin:


I don’t think any of them are as good as the first. The third was close, but not quite there. It had the atmosphere that made the first one good to me. The second and fourth ones annoyed me.


How’s the Silent Hill movie? A shitbomb like all other video game --> film movies?


the third one had that hot bitch.


I like the fist Silent Hill better than all of them. I will never forget the way my heart pounded the first time the town went dark and those black things chased me into the building…

…I liked the movie. =)


Those little kids in the school had me shook. Story wise I like 2 best. That scene on the burning staircase is too cool


The movie was surprisingly good. It kept everything that made the first game good, and added some extras.


Well that seals the deal. I’ll have to obtain a copy of that movie. Illegally of course since I don’t pay for shit.


Ahhh yes, the Gypsy in you is revealing itself too me. I must teach you some 3rd degree curses from wich you can rob individuals and become UNFUCKWITTABLE. Like me. :tup:



I have all 4 games but I’ve only played and beat 1&2 so far. those games mess with you so much that I can only take playing one of them a year.

the movies was very good. it kept very close to the original game. they did add a level of Gore that was never in the games.

Silent Hill the movie ending


the barb wire rape was a bit extreme but pretty cool to watch.

I watched the movie at home with my wife and she was so freaked out by it she had to sleep that night with the lights on. and even then she didn’t sleep all night until exhaustion took over and she passed out.


lol nice.

I still rate the first Silent Hill as the scariest video game I have ever played.

After playing a variety of survival horror games, going back and playing this title it won’t be as scary. Even after I had played Resident Evil 1 for the first time I was scared but then I played Silent Hill and I never finished it, it scared me so bad.

…my girlfriend at the time finished it. She then fell in love with the series that she finished part 2 when it came out.


Hey, I was in Bosnia for six months. I rocked it with the Gypsies all the time. Then those sneaky fucks tried to lift my wallet. After I introduced them to the business end of the ring on my finger, lessons were learned and probably will be passed on to future generations. :wgrin:

Fuck getting drunk. I’m going to McDonalds to rent this movie out of the red box for a buck. I want to be sober for this. Unless there’s an abundance of cock or male brownstar then I’ll have to get drunk to not remember it.


God damn the first game was creepy. Those invisible children scared the fuck out of me. Screw that, I didnt play it at night. Sadly I only own part one the others are rare to find. Especially since the greatest hits version got extra features and I cant find it.


I still have my original part 1.


Silent Hill 4 is available for PS2 for 5 euros. I know about 6 shops that have it for that price.

Same with two, but that one’s 40 euros for some reason and it’s not the special edition.


I just found out that there is a FAN-MADE Silent Hill cg movie called Silent Hill: No Escape. 116 minutes long.

It’s an entirely original story following a philosopher named Michael who’s tormenting mind would ultimately plunge him into a psychological journey through an idealized Hell. He soon loses his sense of reality, and must decend into madness if he is to find his true self.

For a fanart made by a guy first starting out with cg, AND self-taught, it’s most impressive. The character models look bad, but the environments are nice. Definately work checking out if you are a SH fan.

preview trailer:

view movies in separate parts on youtube:

Main site (it’s very annoying to try and navigate through it):

You can also search and find a torrent for a dvd download of the entire movie.


Cmon, check out the fanmade SH movie in my post… It’s well made, trust me.

Best viewed by downloading the dvd file so that you can watch it on a bigscreen tv.