Silent JLF, D2RV-G, with options just released


We weren’t sure why Sanwa was charging so much so we had our own harnesses made, got the same micros used and put a ball top on it… But since these are “special” sticks, we figured they were worth a bit more so we included 2lb springs and three restriction options square/octagon/circle.

What are these?
JLF’s with modified micros that are reed switches and massively reduce the sound.

Why are you selling these instead of Sanwa’s official stick?
People are retailing these sticks for over 60 each… Sanwa is charging a boat load to swap the micros and provide a harness. We used our suppliers to source out the same switches used in the official brand and used a custom harness manufacturing facility to make harnesses with hard plastic insulation almost identical to Sanwa… We didn’t think it was right to gouge the players for these simple mods so we are selling them for 50 each and including some goodies to boot.

What about kits?
D2RV-G micros are tough to come by and we are almost sold out of the sticks. We will make kits available 9/4 for 35 each, this way you can mod your own JLF to be silent.

Why are you under cutting everyone, are these just a cheap knock off?
We really just figured out how to do this in a way that saves everyone money. We know the wholesale pricing and we are not going to make as much per stick as retailers selling the official stick… We are selling this cheap because we think it’s a great idea that should not be so damn expensive. These are not a cheap knock off at all, these are actual Sanwa JLF’s with real D2RV-G micros. The harnesses are all cut designed to wrap around a JLF with the correct patter for the pin out so down, left, up, and right are all in the correct place!

What is this vacation thing?
Yes, we are taking two weeks… this is the first vacation I’ve had in two years (I don’t count the 2 weeks I took off last year to work on the store :slight_smile: ) We will be in MN, if anyone is in Minneapolis and wants to come over for some fresh Ahi on Saturday, let me know, bbq at my dad’s. We will also have Tekken 5, DKJr., Space Invaders and a sick looking Journey arcade machine running… Sorry no street fighter cabinets at his place.


Are these more quiet than the cherry silent kit you offer?


Yes, these are basically the Sanwa Silent JLF, they are reed switches, not snap action so there is almost no click…


Only 2 left, these will ship today, and then we are closed for 2 weeks…


Have the initial orders been shipped yet? I’m still awaiting an update to my order.


You said you will have kits in September… will you have just the microswitches or do I have to buy it with the gates and cable and all that? I’d even do just microswitch and cable but I dont need the gates or the JLF… have two just sitting on my desk in front of me as it is.


You should stop by Games N Go in Roseville, MN for a tournament on this saturday. And if you got a sample of the switches, I would love to see them.


Good thing I ordered it right before you guys left (i took the #3)


Definitely considering the kit, can’t wait til it’s available.

EDIT: When you get back, can you also do a demonstration video installing one of these kits on a stock JLF? I think it will help inexperienced modders but also give buyers an idea whether they feel it is worth it or not.


Sticks are in and ready to go!!! Here’s a bit of comparison chart for people. the basics… more features and options than the Sanwa stick, with all the same key parts, extra springs, extra actuators, $20 less…


Was an installation video ever made (I think I know what to do, but a guide would be lovely! :))?


We had a volunteer step up and offer to make a video…
It surprises me that people are willing to pay $75 or more for a stick that has less options than the $55 dollar stick we offer (or a 36 dollar conversion kit)


Since I have a kit on the way, that’s awesome news!


Does the conversion kit come with D2RV-Gs? It doesn’t specify on the store page unless I’ve missed something there.


The kit arrived yesterday, and I fitted the (Omron) microswitches to the stick - wow, they are quiet!

At the risk of asking the most stupid harness-based questions ever seen in Tech Talk, then (with apologies)…

  1. I assume that the chained black wire is the earth? Which prong on the switches does that connect to? The one on it’s own, protruding from the side?
  2. Which prong should the coloured wires attach to?
  3. Which coloured wire corresponds to which direction?




1.)Doesn’t matter
2.)See 1
3.)I forget lol trial and error


by convention, this is the typical microswitch connection but it doesn’t matter on these:

NO is normally open (typically where things are connected)
NC is normally closed (would keep the switch on, until the button is pushed)

For colors:
Black is ground
Green is up
Yellow is down
Orange is left
Red is right

And the omron kits do definitely come with omrons, I realized the picture wasn’t updated on the site, we will fix that shortly.


@PaperTigre @armi0024 Fantastic, thanks! (can’t get over how quiet it is - literally all I can hear is the shaft touching (I say ‘touching’, I mean ‘riding’, :))the gate)…


Finally got round to installing the new stick into my QanBa (didn’t think it’d go into a Cerberus’d SCV TE) and, for me at least, it was:

ETA: Ignore me - you were right and I am an idiot! :slight_smile:

Apart from that minor hiccup, it’s great and easy to install (although, to be honest, the harness’s wires could be a bit longer - and is the ground supposed to have 5 QDs?). Cheers!

ETA: Although, when going from one cardinal direction to it’s opposite I am sometimes getting a ‘twang’, as if something is catching. I’ve switched the gate to square and changed the actuator from your red to the standard Sanwa to check, and it’s still there. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks again!