Silent jlf


Hey I was looking to make it just a bit quieter in my home being that my little toddler needs as much sleep in the house as he can get. I’m using the stock jlf in the te2+. What part do I need to order to make it silent? I saw they fa had the complete build for a silent stick but I only need the microswitches right? Thanks for the help homies


Get an optical PCB. Cheaper and quieter. Please ask small questions like this in the appropriate thread next time instead of making a new one.


I put in an optical pcb.


also, I have often used the Ultimarc Ultrastik, which is a halls effect JLW. I prefer the JLW to the JLF, but then again, I’m old.


And have good taste, Sanwa should of never discontinued the JLW.


Ultimarc continues to sell them as their j-stik.


what about the optical hayabusa? any price & release dates on that?


I not heard any word of that joystick being sold on its own


apparently AS were selling them at Evo…


They had them on their site too, sold out at the moment.


If you’re willing to modify microswitches. A set of zippys from Paradise Arcade Shop is the cheapest route…


That may be something to look into as well, is there a video or tutorial on the process?


I found a video I recorded during this mod:

Find an old credit card or a card w/similar thickness and cut it small enough to fit on the bottom of the plunger that presses on the metal contact. It will resolve the loose actuation time Zippy’s have stock. If you’ve never opened a microswitch just use a precision flathead to pry it apart.


Do you happen to have a video of what it sounded like afterwards?


I prefer the Cherry switches over the Zippys but it is all personal preference


Those Cherry’s are just about as loud as the stock JLF switches though


Ehh for me they’re definitely more quiet. The most quiet are either the reeds or optical.


Yea at 12:28 a quick comparison.