Silent stick/buttons recommendations


So I’m thinking of taking the plunge and ordering some silent parts. I made my own felt inserts in the past, and while they’re pretty quiet I hate the way they make the standard Sanwa buttons feel, so removed those after a very short play session. I’ve read about the JLF-TPRG-8AYT-SK, but it seems a bit pricey (especially since I can’t find a Canadian retailer), and I’ve heard of other options such as a Paradise Arcade mod that’s a fraction of the cost. So what are people using here to silence their sticks/buttons? How do these silent parts feel in comparison to standard Sanwa?


GamerFinger HBSF-30 buttons.

Higher initial cost, but they should literally last a lifetime (microswitches are rated at 50x longer than Sanwa/Seimitsu).

I had 75g Cherry switches in a JLF once.
I hate JLF though, so it didn’t improve anything.


if u want silent stick i would go jlf /w spark ce dialed to approx 60 ohmz or you could go perfect 360 or suzo inductive. or project magenta is coming out soon which is programable so you can change all your cardinal direction widths for different games.


Nice. Never even heard of magenta but sounds very interesting. Looks like I’ll be waiting for PA to finalize it and will be picking one up day 1 if possible.

Can’t beat Cherry MX. You using them in red config? How do they feel? I personally can’t stand the feel of the dampened Sanwa (rubber/foam insert). I kind of hate the octogonal styling on the harness though…


If you end up going with standard buttons, use Kahuna silencers from Paradise Arcade Shop. Project Magenta is really cool because you can still have switches installed so it feels like the stick always did or ditch the switches completely and go full on silent. Max tuning. Current estimates on a release are December.


I had a weird thought though. Based on tuning, how would you keep the switches in and have it feel right since if you tweaked the directions the switches would still engage at their normal settings, like they wouldn’t line up with the new magenta settings.


I’m sure there is a point that you could modify it to that would make it feel weird with switches in. If you’re only tweaking it a little bit though, you should be able to maintain the physical switch feel without it feeling really strange.


Because you connect to the Magenta PCB and not the switch PCB. You can keep the switches in just for shits and giggles or if you like the mechanical feel, but you can also simply remove them and never think twice about it. Pop it a snappy spring, and never hit a switch again! I’m quite curious myself.


Yeah I get that, but if you tweak the Cardinals it will mess up the feel of still having switches because the microswitches are aligned differently than the magenta sensors. Personally I say fuck the switches hahahaha


I dont think it would make as much of a difference as you think. Being able to leave the switches in is really just an added bonus. We should move this convo over to the actual Magenta thread. It’s kinda sorta getting off topic.


Hehe. I’m over it. I wouldn’t use switches anyway. I’m done here sorry for derail


I would seriously wait. Magenta is coming. It’s going to be the best silent stick solution.

For buttons, use pads for now. Gamerfingers are nice, but I think eventually, there will be more button options.


has anyone had any experience with the latest generation of gamerfinger buttons? a few months ago gootecks was playing on stream for WNF then complaining afterwards that his HK was disabled since the plunger on the button had come loose. idk if he just got a bad set of buttons or if there was a problem with the first generation of buttons released.


I heard him talking about that on Excellent Adventures (awesome show). He said they “Suck” and that the plungers fall off.


Competitive players will find any scapegoat, any excuse for there piss-poor game play.
“Oh the monitor lags”, “the other guy got a illegal mod” or “there something wrong with my stick”


I have like 40 of them in a box right now. The plunger isn’t easy to pull off. I have a hard time believing they’d just fall off during a gaming session.


The only thing I could think of was that he must not have installed them correctly.


Even if he did that, there is no way that button plunger is falling off unless he abused it by removing and replacing it over and over and over ad nauseum.


Happened to me on 1st-gen HBSF-30 (the ones from the initial kickstarter), but only once and only cos I was mashing.

Me and 5 other gamers in my FGC been using 2nd-gen buttons no problem for months now.


I seen the same button popping issue happen before on Sanwa buttons, it from going way to heavy and being abusive on your push buttons.
To think it could happen to a 2nd gen HBSF-30, I know how snug those button caps are on the MX Cherry microswitch, they are bit more snug than Custom Signature Plastics’ ABS Keycaps for keyboards.

This could also contribute.