Silicon Valley! *crickets

Anyone play round here? Im in mountain view and tryin to play but can;t find shit:hitit:

andry you in mountain view permanently now, or just for today? im down to play console sf4 and blazblue sometime (not today though).

LB is the only person i know with console in the area.

well im here for the next week till i go to Japan, then I might be living back here in mountain view but im not 100% yet

barely anything goes on here. the “carazy ass tournament” is the first one ever in the sunnyvale area

What!? You’re goin to Japan?! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin a

I’m always in the area looking to play, but I can never host. My apartment’s tiny enough, and we just picked up a roommate.

well, good to see that a silicon valley thread started, I’m usually always down to play on weekends, can’t really find people though QQ

Good to meet all of you in the tourney. Let me know if any casuals are going down, I’d love to start up something consistent.

PLAY WITH YOUR BOY champ!!! i live in san mateo 15 min drive

Just thought I’d throw my name in here. In about 6-8 months I’m going to be shopping for a condo in campbell or santa clara, and i’d be willing to host some small weekly or monthly local gatherings (like 5-10 people kinda thing) for street fighter 4 and BB

Since, this is a Silicon Valley thread, I thought I’d post in here coz I haven’t seen the news pop up in any other threads for Pacific North. Sunnyvale Golfland recently got SF4 and Blazblue machines. Just thought I’d post this here for people that didn’t hear of this already

Yo Magus, I live in Sunnyvale now. Let me know if you wanna get some games in. I got BB and SF4 on PS3. If you don’t got a PS3 stick, we can meet up at SVGL any day of the week.


Assuming SVGL has Happ parts?

Jap parts.

Consider me interested. I live near the not-so-great mall. My spot is way too small to host but I’m always down for some friendly competition.

Interested as well. Unfortunately, I cannot host - roommate won’t like it

In fremont and tired of driving all the way up 880 for some competition

I’m hoping the Sunnyvale golfland SFIV machines aren’t in too bad a shape, going to hit it up soon and pick on the little kids that play. It makes me feel good. Haha!

they are not in bad shape at all. i’ll be there later today. lol i don’t there will be little kids there tonight haha. they’ll be too afraid:confused: