Silicone Grip for Arcade Sticks

So I found a link for something that looks interesting to me but I can’t seem to find anywhere where it’s actually available. Does anyone know where it can be found OR if there’s something similar out there that I’m not searching for proper?

Buy PS3 Professional Rubber/List Pad for Real Arcade Pro.3 Stick (Hori) for PS3 (import) & other Import Video games at

wow. thats really interesting. my left wrist is jacked up from playing on my hrap 3 w/ plexi. i grinded down the plexi a bit to help reduce wrist burn but it can only help so much. this would realli help out… i wonder if its transparent

Just buy a large silicone rubber pad and cut out what you are looking for. You can buy a sheet large enough for hundreds of arcade sticks for $20 and sell them custom to other people if you really get into it.

Laser engraved silicone covers, I smell $$$.

No real luck. Nothing I’ve found silicone sheet-wise really looks similar.