Silly but serious xbox360 question

Hey SRK members. I had a rather simple question that’s been puzzling me for a while regarding the positioning of the 360 console. It’s quite clear that ps3 has better quality disc and they’re very durable and 360 get’s the back of the hand when it comes to this and me myself am having trouble not getting my disc scratched and just recently a knocked over my 360 while it was running a brand new copy of fable 2 and i immediately put it back in the up right position ( standing up ) and fable 2 no longer works T.T

I knew the disc durability sucks but dang. Out of commision just like that?

Anyways, the story is really unimportant but my question is…

What is the safest, most appropriate method of system positioning that would decrease scratches?

Standing up? Layed down?

Also, is there any way to increase the longevity of a 360 disc?

I’m using a 360 elite if it makes any difference

It’s not the discs, it’s the way the drives in 360s are built. There’s nothing holding the disc firmly in place, so if the drive gets jostled, you get a really bad scratch all around the disc. It’s a known problem with 360s, and they haven’t fixed it even though we knew about it with Gen1 360s.

I heard that MS would replace discs that got scratched like that, but it may have just been a short term PR stunt to get the media off their backs.

This has also happened to me when I knocked over the console, I just laid the console flat on its side. I haven’t had anymore problems scratching disc. It is not really the disc’s fault that the 360 doesn’t have a good mechanism to hold the disc in place if the console gets knocked down. But if you really want to protect the disc, you could install them to your HD, but you still need the disc in the console to verify that you stiull own the game, but you will only need to pass a disc check instead of the console reading the disc the entire time.

And when my Halo 3 was scratched, I took it to gamecrazy (normally part of Hollywood Video) and they had a good disc fixer in store.

Thanks for the quick replies. I figured that everyone played their 360 lying down after the incident but also heard that while it’s standing up it’s scratching less but even if that’s true, i suppose laying down would be smarter with far less risk of it falling down and destroying the game in 1 shot.

Can all games be stored into the hd or only select games? Sorry for the noob questions but just recently got the 360 and I’m on a budget as it and trying to save as much money possible

pretty much all games can be stored on the hd with a select few:

Yeah, I never put my 360 or any system vertical. If it falls down the best thing you can do is to eject immediately before righting it back up. Turning the 360 with the disc in the tray is asking for trouble.

There is no better way to stand your 360. Pretty much the only way to scratch a CD is if you knock the system while its running.

Anything with a tray system will scratch a disc if it gets knocked over.

I keep my PS3 and my 360 on their sides next to each other and they both play just fine.

There is no “best” way to keep your consoles but, technically on their bottoms is safer… if they’re in danger of being knocked over. If they’re not in danger of being knocked over (mine aren’t) then they’re perfectly safe on their sides.