Silly Fleshings!: The Shuma-Gorath Team Building Thread



If you’re wanting to build a team around the Lord of Chaos or use him on your current one, discuss it here! This thread will be updated for UMvC3.

Alpha-Mystic Ray

[details=Spoiler]What Is It?: Shuma fires an eye beam that sweeps the entire screen. This assist can OTG, but it is very hard to utilize.

Why Use It?: Coming Soon!

Technical Info: Coming Soon![/details]

Beta-Mystic Stare


Coming Soon!

Gamma-Mystic Smash


Coming Soon!

Good Assists For Shuma-Gorath

Coming Soon!

THCs and DHCs

Hyper Mystic Ray


Coming Soon!

Hyper Mystic Smash


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Chaos Dimension


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For those who are contemplating a team, fill out the following questionnaire to yourself before posting your thoughts…

UMvC3 Team Building Questionaire

[details=Spoiler]Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Newcomer?s Team Assessment Questionnaire

  1. Who characters and teams will you use (in order of selection)?

  2. What type of game-play strategy are you pursuing with this team? (Explain)

  3. What advantages does your point (first selected) character have?

What disadvantages does your point character have?

What maneuverability options does your point character have?

How will your assists aid your point character?

  1. What advantages does your secondary character have?

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?

What maneuverability options does your secondary character have?

How will your assists aid your secondary character?

  1. What advantages does your last character have?

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?

What maneuverability options does your last character have?

How will your assists aid your last character?

  1. What kind of Delayed Hyper Combo opportunities do you think your team will have?

  2. What type of impact will your Team Hyper Combo have on your opponent (Explain)?

  3. What are some of the weaknesses of your team?

  4. After filling out this questionnaire, are you still comfortable with your team? [/details]


I’ll just throw out the team I’m trying right now. . .

Taskmaster-A/Dormammu-A/Shuma-A… SG’s Mystic Ray assist seems to work pretty well as an AA
Task/Dorm already work pretty well together…and SG seems to benefit from the added pressure Dorm’s Dark Hole gives. . .

I doubt it’ll work as well as Shuma/Blank/Sent teams…but I’m liking it so far. . .


Anyone know how Shuma fits in with Sent / Doom ?


I was actually using Shuma to sub out Doom on my team. My team is shaping up to be Taskmaster/Shuma/Akuma. Shuma and Tasky is an amazing duo and Akuma does major damage. Plus, Shuma and Tasky build a lot of meter.


Using she Hulk on point and then having him second for a dhc you can easily get 800+ damage from magic combo, otg torpedo, emerald cannon, dhc, hyper mystic smash, then use spencer as third for his dhc… sick sick damage


A low assist is actually really good for him since you can instant overhead with Air Mystic Smash by tiger kneeing it.


I’m thinking Shuma might work okay as a battery for a Phoenix team. Other than the Mystic Ray super punishing from full screen, I can see Shuma playing fine without using Supers. I was thinking Shuma/Taskmaster/Phoenix…Both Tasky and (if needed) Phoenix can back him up with long range assists to get in.


So far I’m using Wolverine/X-23/Shuma. I going have to change the team arrangement as I do not believe Shuma will make for a good anchor. Though I really like using Mystic Ray assist for Wolverine and X-23. Helps them move in as the assist covers the screen and when I crossup it knocks them right into my characters to setup a juggle combo.


Ive played around with Shuma Task Hulk as well as Shuma Akuma Spencer. I definitely like the former more so than the latter which makes me sad because I LOVE Spencer, He just doesnt seem to mesh well with many of the other characters I like. That team was ok, But the Shuma Task Hulk team I can really see caving in some skulls.

All their DHCs link directly into one anothers flawlessly and I was able to come up with some pretty straightforward but VERY damaging combos mainly with Hulk and Shuma with Task more as the anchor


She hulk on point with Shuma as a 2nd is really strong, as btfu88 indicated. Also, after you DHC, you can have unblockable setups with She Hulk’s low assist. I prefer running Sentinel as a 3rd as his assist helps greatly in extending combos, which help build meter. Also, if an opponent gets to be chip happy, you can crossover counter into Sent’s hard drive to stuff them.

I’d also see Shuma be practical on a phoenix team on point to build meter.


My team feels really good to me. C.viper Modok then Shuma last(Based off of complimenting each other). His ray works well with modoks analysis cubes and C.viper with modok ballon bombs works well with a crossover. There team assit works well each move connects.


currently rolling with Arthur(fire bottle)/shuma(mystic ray)/sentinel(charge drones)

shuma 's assist really helps cover arthur and drones could help shuma when he’s on point


trying out She-hulk a/Shuma a? (w/e mystic ray is)/Taskmaster a
All can dhc well together very well.
All can build meter like crazy aswell while doing good damage :3


I’m liking Shuma with Arthur as well, Ray helps Arthur out a lot in his keepaway.

Was trying to fit him with Shulk too, but other than good DHC there isn’t much synergy, none of his assists really seem to help Shulk and vice versa.

So far it seems that ray is overall the best assist, it covers virtually the whole screen and causes a soft knockdown. This seems really good for keepaway teams. Stare is too short ranged for keepaway and doesn’t lock them in place to extend combos. Smash seems like it might have some potential in ground strings to use as a hit confirm, though the number of hits it has makes the damage scaling of any followups pretty bad.



I feel the same. Smash would just kill the damage after it comes out.
Stare would be good to extend combos. Ray though can prob do all of those while helping you keep out and even getting in.


shehulk and shuma seem ok. if your shuma hits enemy with mystic ray and shehulk jumps in with C, she can start the jump loop (jC, jS, land, jB jC jS)

shuma can do instant air mystic smash along with shehulks low torpedo to set up an unblockable


I agree that Shuma fits on a Phoenix team. Depending on your third character, you’ll have 5 bars in no time flat.
Does anyone know if the frame data on his assists from the guide are still accurate?


I do want to use Shuma, but I’m having difficulty trying to figure out a good team for him/what I want him to do exactly.

Very early team has been Arthur(Dagger/Fire Bottle)/Shuma(Mystic Ray)/Wesker(Samurai Edge). I’m not really feeling Wesker as anchor, but that’s probably because I don’t know him enough. This was because I thought that he really needs an OTG assist, and landing his lvl 3 is real important. These might still be the case, but I’m still messing around. Glad to see Arthur/Shuma synergy is already mentioned, Mystic Ray really bolsters any zoning character’s game, imo. Another setup was Shuma(Mystic Ray)/Dormammu(Dark Hole)/Character as I feel he builds meter pretty well.


I haven’t found a third but Shuma with Hsien Ko a seams beast. Chasing down run aways is difficult for Shuma but her assist leaves them stunned long enough for Shuma to get in and the assist keesp them floored so you can mix them up.


My team in MvC2 was BlackHeart/Doom/Shuma. BH on point, Shuma second and Doom anchor. Not the best team, but I made it work. In this game, I want Dorm (Dark Hole) on point, Shuma (Mystic Ray) second, Doom (??)anchor. I really havent had a chance to play / train with the team (was streaming casuals with my team last night) however tonight I am going to see what the team can do. I put ?? for doom’s assist because I dont know what to use with the team yet. In 2, Molecular Shield was GDLK for shuma. In 3, its good, but a tad bit too fast for shuma’s block stun CD. Hidden missles are great but need to find out how to implement it to the team with shuma. With Dorm’s Dark hole, it does wonders with block stun, so that can replace Doom’s Molecular shield and Shuma seems to work better with a beam assist so i think I might use doom’s Plasma beam instead. IDK, I have some training to do.