Silly Habits?

C’mon, we’re only human. Any given person may avoid sidewalk cracks, chew pencil erasers when they’re nervous, or move their leg back and forth for a few minutes before falling asleep. We all have silly, unnecessary, mostly harmless tics or habits. So it makes sense that this translates to the game world. What are yours on STHD?

Here’s some of mine:

This one’s actually pretty hazardous. Ever since I first learned the DP back when I have this fantasy in my mind that every character has an anti-air attack using the exact same motion. When I start paying more attention to what the other guy’s doing instead of what I could be, my thumb flys on that stick/dpad/what have you and I eat it after I realize Honda/Balrog/Fei doesn’t do anything in response.

I can’t look at combos while I’m doing them. This hearkens back to my young mortal kombat years. When I try to connect it based on what’s happening on the screen, I mess up, half the time easy. And so, since successful combos can be so devastating, I’ve come up with a simple solution: After the first hit lands, I close my eyes. When it finishes, or I know i messed up, I open them again. The sounds and the rhythm are much easier to chain off of for me. My friends think I’m showing off, but it’s really just a crutch.

SF and working out have gone hand in hand for me. There’s a gym right behind my house, and maybe it’s the fighting onscreen, but more likely it’s the frustrations of Xbox live. I end most every session with an hour of lifting and running.

I use slow fireballs way too much.

I keep thinking hawks dp will hit crouching attacks.

I use the Green Hand too much and the Hop and Running Bear Grab not enough.

I use the short upkick as soon as the opponent leaves the ground - even if he does a wall dive or stuff where i should delay my anti air.

I end up hitting the punch buttons a little too much and end up accidentally HHS w/ honda waaay too often. And then the Akuma Cross-up ensues.

I still tend to use hooligan in some matchups even tho i know i get beat.

I have the silly habit of using the terrible d-pad on my 360 controller. Silly me!

i have a habit of pianoing when i’m trying to use rog’s rushes to close space but a short or jab will come out and i’ll have covered no space or i’m in a position to be punished.

2-in-1 Ken’s c.forawd into that fireball movement kick, instead of into a fireball

this one’s easy. just tap the button instead of pressing/holding it.

Mine is that I don’t crowd-and-shock enough with Blanka or ochio (read: literally never, I think) with Honda

i usually blow my super load seconds after reaching it

so ya…i normally win matches WITHOUT super

  1. In ANY fighting that I play for the first time in general, the motions that I will always test out first are:

QCF and QCB + P/K
HCF and HCB + P/K

For Supers:

D, F, D, F + P / K
D, B, D, F + P / K

  1. After playing newer iterations of games like Street Fighter and then moving back to an older version I had a tendency to do things like air block even though I know I can’t.

  2. I sometimes do jump-ins using all the wrong moves at all the wrong times

  3. I reversal way too often

another to add:

I tend to throw out risky “tee hee they’ll never see this coming, it’s so crazy it’ll work!” moves before I even prove myself capable of the strategies that would trick someone into it. It’s led to alot of stupid looking matches on my part.

I’m more concerned about doing that one awesome move I’ve been practicing instead of trying to win the match.

i tend to repeat patterns that work.

sometimes i’ll find a pressure tactic that my opponent can deal with, and i’ll play out the same mixup instead of switching up strategies entirely.

i.e. s. short with blanka into low roundhouse/grab repeat (cause it chains into itself if successful) as opposed to mixing in different wake up games (like xup short or xover blanka ball)

Trying to to dp Cammy with T.Hawk. Small bitch.

I jump in way too much with Hawk, even when I realize it after the 10th anti-air hits.

I keep trying to piano my 360’s with Hawk. My fault for thinking his 360 was programmed sensibly.

lol. Just slowly walk forward, it will make your opponent shit themselves.