Silly KOF 98 question

Definitely a controller issue, but I’m just checking.

I know Iori’s Rolling Punches are performed by Down, Downback, Back, Punch X3. But whenever I do that on KOF98, it only works a little less than half the time. However, if I do Halfcircleback, Punch X3, it comes out 100% of the time. The same applies to any character with a down back attack (like Saishu).

What is more interesting in that in any other game (like KOF 02, 03, or CVS) if I do Down, Back, Punch X3, it comes out consistently 100% of the time.

Any reason why this might happen?

Easy. 98 has some odd controls. Pretty much 2002/2k3/XI all have better controls. And if you ever played a KOF game and played a Capcom game, Capcom does better controls than (old)SNK.

^ This. The controls in earlier KOF’s were much less lenient than they are now.


I’ve noticed later games like Guilty Gear will let you pull off moves soemtimes even if it isn’t very strict. Just go into training turn on the command guide and just spam fireballs. You’ll see even your flawed ones come off. Early games just weren’t like that I guess.

Take into consideration your own mannerisms, the way YOU hold the stick, your concept of timing etc, you have a lot of variations in how you do a move. If doing it HCB works for YOU 100% of the time, then that’s the command for you. You have no idea how many people have different ways of doing an SRK for instance. Just work it out for yourself.

The proper way, is the way that works.

I can’t notice any difference between '98 and 2k2 in terms of controls.

You can play both because you played both a lot. I can notice the difference because I played games that had far better controls than those KOFs. If you play a lot the controls become easier and easier. So much so that you can switch between them no problem.

For me with KOF 98/2k2 I have to constantly practice every single damn move. Specials/hops/DMs/pressure/normals/combos. And practice hard. This results in me not being able to play as good I would in let’s say KOFXI or NGBC which has far superior controls. Everytime I play KOF against anyone I never play to win. 90% of the time I’m trying to make sure my commands come out.

The entire time I’ve been practicing KOF 98 it’s been on 98UM NOT OG98. So when I play OG98 I do far worse. Games like Garou or A2 I can do moves just fine.

When I play someone in 98 my opponent isn’t my concern at all. It’s the execution.

2k2 controls versus vanilla '98 controls have a noticeable difference to me. In 2k2 every thing comes out on command, whereas in '98 you need to focus a little bit more on timing to make sure things come out. That isn’t to say that '98 controls suck, because they are in fact pretty solid. It’s just that there’s a barrier of timing by the frame that stops people from playing it as if it controlled like A2. 2k2’s controls are probably helped by the slightly faster system, including combos.

I also play ST and A2 a lot and I really can’t notice any difference, other than DPs being really really strict in ST. I can do moves fine in both 2k2 and 98 and I have pretty bad execution. RB2 is the only game I really notice a big difference, and it’s not a good thing to me sometimes because I randomly get accidental flashkicks due to the huge input window in that game.

Actually I can fill that one.

Because in KOF97 the controls were very accessible and many shortcuts were implemented. Resulting in a lot of 100% combos and infinites. For example, Terry’s infinite in 97 is only possible cuz you can do the Power Charge (HCF) with a simple DB, F. After that SNK decided to fix that in 98, by removing any sort of shortcut and making the timing more strict. In 98 the precise motion has to be input properly, any mistake results in the move not coming out. For Terry’s Power Charge you actually need to press B, DB, D, DF, F, no more, no less.

I don’t think this is the reason the infinite worked. If you’re really good at execution, you can input hcf+K’s in 1-2 frames so I don’t think that was the issue.

As for controls…there is a difference in the 98 and 2k2 controls but I don’t really have trouble with either of them.

Hey man, don’t worry about it. There is no such thing as “Silly” questions, just “Silly” faggots.

Hold down the diagonals longer.

Yup. Every circular move in the older KOFs will not activate unless the diagonal directions are held for at least 2 frames. If you do the motion too quickly, you get nothing.

This shit still happens to me in 2k2 ):

Seriously? WTF.

try doing hcf,hcb in 98/2k2 with a sanwa stick

I don’t know how those japs can play seriously

wow that explains alot

Jees that explains everything. I swear motions that should have been ridiculously easy felt like I had to work extra hard to get them. Like on the pad I would do the dp motion twice sometimes just to get it off. It became “my” way of doing the DP. Was very aggravating. When I got my first stick I swear I had to linger in the corners just to get the same move off with any character. Surprise Rose on King had to be deliberate. And I swear I had to “think extra hard” on every swing of the stick to get supers off, unlike games with similar motions (like Guilty Gear).

I thought I was going fucking crazy all these years. Goddamn, I need a smoke now.

If you get a Saturn PS2 pad problem is solved…I don’t have a problem with 98 or 2002 at all…with the Saturn pad everything is equal…

Any other pad though forget about it…but with the Saturn pad my execution is what I want it to be…


Wow, that’s really messed up. Out of curiosity, did they ease up on the strictness of input requirements for UM?