Silly little games you like to play with yourself


Sometimes when I’m bored, and I also feel wet bowel movements, I will play this little “game” where I will exert force like I’m taking a crap, but not quite enough to let loose. It’s an interesting little “game” where I try to push as hard as I can without doing it too hard. I guess it just keeps me preoccupied.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

Stop the tournaments



Yep, we have a BeGuiled thread on our hands


Not up to his normal standards. Which isn’t saying much.


Sometimes, when I have to shit, I like to get as close as I can to letting the shit go without actually doing it. I can’t believe nobody’s ever thought of this before.


When nobody is around I enter Beguiled’s threads and touch myself.

On a less serious note, today when I take a dump I shall name it Beguiled and play Taps before flushing it.


Play with my dick. Endless varieties, hours of fun. Beguiled!


When I’m at a red light at an intersection and there is a car next to me on the turning lane using it as a passing lane, I’ll accelerate to his speed and stay by his side. If he slows down, I’ll slow down with him so that a car behind me can catch up and we can get the offender stuck behind the parked cars across the intersection.

It’s always a BMW 3-series or Audi A4 driver who think he’s the balla’ shot-calla’, king of the streets.

If they catch up to me and make angry gestures, I smile back and blow them prison kisses.

I get a lot of pleasure from this.

I live in Los Angeles, by the way. You know how it is.


I like to see how many porn scenes I can watch from all the good angles before I bust


I pretend like I’m going to die if I mess something up, like say drop a combo.

I’ve fucked up so much.


At work on the phone I like to play the awkward silence game. Any time there’s an awkward silence I’ll keep it up to see how long before the other person cracks and says something.

12 minutes is the current record.


ROFL, I’ve never seen that before.


I post in shitty-ass threads like this


You got competition Funbags!


Sometimes I like to pretend I can go…even…further BEYOND!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…!!!



I throw away my parents silverware, 1 piece per day, until they say something like, “where the fuck did all my knives go!?!?!”. Then the game is over.
My high score is 15 days without a reaction.


I was hoping for this to be a serious topic.



anyone who watchs my little pony, plays with them self. And no I pay hookers to do that


My fun little game is ruining everything. FUCKING WHOOPS

I also like to punch myself in the [S]nuts[/S] head until I black out, and keep track of how many hits it takes. The longest I’ve gone is Eleventy-Ouch, My Skull Blubbblublblub