Silly Mistake



I discovered this weird glitch, I haven’t fully tested it though
When you go to training mode, if you pick Yun against Vega (claw), after playing around a bit the damage increases eg. ultra 1 does 414 damage, my genei jin bnb does 525 damage.
Has anyone encountered this before?
In the video I show that the damage against fuerte is normal, but increased against vega
sorry about the crappy setup and video - my real tv recently broke


if vega has his mask off he takes more damage than normal


I am sincerely sorry for being such a retard. It completely slipped my mind that vega took more damage without the mask
I will close this thread


nah, you are not a retard. you are just an explorer that got inquisitive. its all good


Might want to rename this to something other than me being incredibly stupid - do not open because that’s just a giant flame for a bunch of moths.:rofl:

Really though, :rofl:

Also remember that the first hit in counterhit combos deals more damage than a regular hit.


good point