Silly question about the custom sticks in general

Hey everyone,

Well, this is a bit of a stupid question, but I just can’t seem to find the answer for the life of me. I’ve noticed that a lot of custom sticks don’t have screw holes on the plexiglass top. I was just wondering if the art on these sticks are able to be switched out? Would the art just be inserted from the bottom, or is there some way to open up the top for these? I guess it’d help a bit if I knew how the plexiglass was secured to the stick.

Again, sorry to bother you guys for what’s probably a very obvious answer, but I just can’t seem to search my way through this one.

Thanks in advance!

Screw-in Buttons are used to hold acrylic down.

Ahhh I see…I considered that, but I didn’t think that just the buttons would be enough to solidly hold it down, but I guess it is. Thanks jdm!