Silly question: Can custom fightsticks with firmware carry malware?


I know it is a silly question, but I recently assembled a custom PS3/PC fightstick with a Cthlhu MC PCB. I want to hook it up with my computer that has MAME, but I am afraid if I do, some malware that may have been around since the last time I cleaned might still be in the machine - I have a stronger PC that I use to play SSF4 Arcade Edition - I don’t install emulators on this computer. Anyway, does anyone knows if devices that have firmware can carry malware to the next?


Unless that malware was specifically designed to flash the firmware on said device (which is highly unlikely), no.


Thanks. I knew it was unlikely that it would carry any malware over, but I just wanted to be sure. I am going to plug my stick in my other PC to play MAME.


Short answer: hell no. PS3/PC Cthulhu doesn’t have an upgradable firmware. Nothing can ‘infect’ it, and the number of them on the market would make it pointless for anyone to spend the time to write it in even if it were possible.


Thanks, but I was talking about the MC Cthulhu, though from d3v answer, it can’t get malware.

Anyway, awesome product, Toodles. I love how easy it was t assemble the MC Cthulhu since this is my first stick. Thanks.


James infects his mods with love.