[SILLY] Signature costumes/colours?



Don’t take this thread too seriously, please. No high-level strategy here.

What costumes or colours do you claim as your own, if any? Up until USF4, I didn’t really care; just stuck with default costume colour 1. Later, I decided to go with Alternate 1 colour 3. My new main costume is Alternate 4 colour 13.

Off-topic, but I always took pride in Oro’s MP colour (white toga) and ST Zangief’s HK colour (green).


default color 9 is my jam.


I used to like the yellow and stone colors, but pink + pants is my favorite. If no colors or costumes, I go with red or I use a different character. his suit of armor is a cool alt too but the colors don’t really evoke different personalities and it’s kind of cheap.


I use costume one with some color I can’t describe very well so I’ll just post a video.


Here’s my colour.



I have nicknames for all my costumes.

Original Dark Blue = Papa Midnight
Original 1 = Silver Surfer
Original 2 = Cinder
Alt 1 Color 3 = Hulk
Alt 1 Color 5 = Sunflower Samurai
Alt 2 Color 3 = Seattle Sounders Seth
Alt 3 Color Black = Black Knight

I have a ton of different names, but i can’t think of all of them right now since I haven’t been playing Seth much lately.


Pants seth color 12 is what I’ve been using for as long as I can remember.


anyone using color 12 (any costume) should get slapped with a bag full of bricks :smiley:


bag full of dix*


Unless there’s some glitch/exploit with it, you can both eat a bag of dicks :confused:


“scratchy sweater” Seth? I mean it’s not terrible, but it’s absolute yuck on non-HD TVs. I think I liked “scratchy sweater” Hakan when I played him because the oil effect shrouded him in a ghostly blue. But it’s not cheap like picking pink/red Seth on volcano stage.


Scratchy sweater is dope man clean not a damn stain on me. They just hating cause they don’t have stupid fruity swag like pants seth.

Seriously, though. Seth needs some better costumes.


I pick Color 2 + Volcano stage against people who are color blind (we have a couple up here) just so I can know what evil feels like.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: default colour 2 has NOTHING on alt 4 colour 14 when it comes to the volcano stage.