Silv Sam Combos and Useful Assists

So what combos does he have? Also I been hearing a lot of stuff about picking his launcher assist. Why not pick his projectile type? Isn’t that oodles better? Ground is garbage.

As far as assists…
Ground sets up at least Blackheart’s resetting infinite - ~4 reps == death (vs. BH’s normal minimally damaging infinite), and some other nice combos. The Super Rushing Sword Slash has got pretty bad recovery time, though, so team super-wise this is your worst choice.

Projectile doesn’t do anything for me anymore. It’s got great chip, but … it’s just hard to set up cleanly, Sam takes too much damage as an assist for my tastes, and the shuriken only travels one screen (so if they simply walk backwards, it won’t hit them). The Super Shurikens for the team super has got great chip damage, but you have to set it up well and how useful is it really to have a chippy fireball as your team super?

Launcher is what Dasrik turned me on to, and I’ve really starting to like this. It sets up alpha counter into Sam into Raimenken. It’s also got okay desperation use for rushdown defense. Primarily the reason I’ve come to like it is the Raimenken team super. It hits high and low in front of you and in back of you - hard to beat that.

Projectile with samurai is good if u have sentinel or so… and if u connect the lightning super at character hieght ur also able to dhc into storm or sentinal which does some good damage.