Silver Sam is a runaway right?

I’ve been playing a team of CapAm/SS/Zangief. And when I DHC SS in, I run with him. I use TK shurikens, J. HP, and cr. lp to play footsies with my opponent (footsies is using normals to zone out). When a cr. lp connects, I follow up with a Cr. lk+zangief assist xxx Raimenken. Then I start running and playing footsies again. So when I beat people, they send me hate mail and start bitching about my style with Silver Samurai.

IMO he is too slow to be a rushdown character. His moves are slow, his movement is slow, and the recovery of some of his moves are slow (with exception of Raimenken. It is so godly). With his slow ass and his ability to chip, he should be a keepaway.

So the question is am I playing with him correctly? Or should I change my playstyle?

If they hate on you your doing something right man :slight_smile: That said its good to mix u your tactics. I personally am not the best player by any means but if you do something long enough I will find a way to beat it. Switching it up does not let people catch on to your strategy and makes you tougher to hit.

PS. Just saw your on xbox feel free to add me for some games. I play with a bunch of medium level marvel people. My tag is OZGFIVE. I should be back on the box in a week and a half or so.

For sure man ill add you. I’m rarely online though because of school :(. I guess that you play with Cyclops because thats your avatar. We can have a Cyclops battle. See who is better. :slight_smile:

Yeah I think of Silver Samurai as a character that hit comfirms and does a big combo like Cable (not like AHVB though, its ridiculous). Thats why I play the way I play with Silver Samurai because Raimenken is just that good.

My cyclops is garbage lol I just google imaged searched an xman because I wanted an avatar lmao. My best character is either Ken or Anakaris with Hulk as an honorable mention though I know hijinx with 80% of the cast. I LOVE low tier brawls :slight_smile: Word on the busy schedule with school, I will catch you when that shit dies down.

hulk for pres!!

Dizzy -> Sounds like a fairly standard SS playstyle. I think tho If you footsie with you can XX strait to lighting super… and the is pretty fast.

btw… I think sometimes SS can be more mean the cable believe it or not… SS does a lot more dmg on a per meter basis… so SS with 1 meter can def outdmg cable with 1 meter. 2 meters or more is a different tale tho…

WHOA!!! That shit connects? Cr. FK xxx raimenken? wow… you learn something everyday lol.

Of course SS is meaner than Cable. 2 reasons:

1.he is one bad ass mutant lol.
2. Lightning rapes all giants. Including Sonson in Kingkong mode (btw I played a sonson that DHCed into Kingkong. Died in 3 seconds lol)

Cable is better than him nonetheless, but Silver Samurai has decent projectiles and that gdlk lightning that destroys giants and punishes everything.

Thanks for the tip my dude!

silver samurai sucks, AHVB at the right moment beats his lightning

res the ancient thread! but srsly no one thinks SS is better than cable. He can do more dmg for one meter but that’s about it. In terms of the matchup it’s horribly one sided to cable as well.

SS fun revolves around using ICE mode with thanos bubble. combo to bubble xx ice spikes… repeat… no escape.