SilverSam back-to-life thread



Hey everyone, silver sam, well he doesn’t get played by anyone so i decided to bring the guy back to life.

So how do u do that?..i mean silver sam is not easy to play at all. He is heavy, SLOWWW, and BIGG. And to top that his only useable super is RANDOM:looney:.

But there is hope!, we just have to find where does silver sam fits in a team and which team?

To cut the story short, i’ve tried many teams but out of all only is really playable, even against top tiers.


Before i get people starting to say that it doesnt work or that, “ALL YOU NEED IS CABLE, TO FINISH THAT TEAM”, Play the team and see how nasty it is. On paper is good but in real life it is better, This team can take a lot of damge as well as deal a lot of damge.

Also, onlike most teams out there MSP, is definetly NOT a problem for them, unless you suck.


I actually use silver samurai alot He’s one of my fav but like you said he has lots of lows but has lots of highs as well, One thing I like about getting him it’s that once I get my meter filled up I use him and make the sword ice and people get tricked by this when you do the special people don’t know you have to block down hehe always gets them, I do it like four times them finidh up with a combo.


The reason I put Cable on that team when I play it is because then you have a decent emergency antiair to work with. You’re very much ground-based with that team. You don’t mention what level of competition you play against: while it’s true that anybody coldcalling Psylocke can only call her twice before she’s dead, good MSPs aren’t going to call her until they get that one hit in, and will concentrate on staying overhead so they both snuff Doom and cross you up so you accidentally power up your sword.

So: interesting idea, but I think Silver Samurai’s real breakdown is that his swords are too easy to accidentally activate, and once you do that you’re pretty much done. =\


Yeah that has happened to me lots of times especially when facing magnetos and storms but funny thing even after I accidentally power up my sword I don’t give up and give them a hard time even if it’s ice, fire or electricity they still have a hard time beating me hehehe, But yeah Silver Samurai it’s kind of slow and can’t jump really high which really sucks Oh Well Still choose him anyways and won some battles.


BTW Has anyone done this with him! It looks sick and people just love it when I do it to other expert guys,

Well first of all I always play with Omega Red and Silver Samurai team, Why? Because Omega red Fills up the Super meter like crazy and that what helps Silver,
Since I get Omega red killed most of the times by then I have everything filled up,
Then comes Silver and this is what I do: Since many people don’t know bout the ice super that you have to block down I powerup my sword to ice That’s 1 super wasted, then I do the super(Ice) and freezes them that’s 2 then jump to the other side of them hit them with a standing HP, The quickly freeze them again that’s 3, Then The fastest you can power up your sword to Fire then get them with that super, And I do it all the time and this thing takes like about 85% of damage with him and it looks cool or you could switch to Electricity and do the same. I’ve had had people tell me Damn That’s freaking awesome when opponents get caught :rofl::lol:

But there’s a catch though it doesn’t work of course if you don’t freeze them or if the opponent it’s too smart and after they get frozen they Mash all buttons quickly to escape which it works sadly:sad: has happened to me!

But othewise if you do it quickly you’ll see how awesome it looks you guys should try it :wgrin:


that never works against good players lol.

but I did used to do it against the computer for fun


I like to use Sam for two reasons: random super, and chip-chip-chip. Sam/Doom/Sent works for me because Doom anti-air assist is the epitome of chip. xD Getting someone into a corner with Sam, calling out Doom assist, and throwing 2 shuriken + 2-shuriken super = (was it worth blocking?)

Also, I’m a Sent player, so … yeah. A good rocket punch can definitely throw some momentum into your game. :slight_smile:

As for the accidental power-ups, that does suck if you don’t expect it. The more you deal with cross-ups, though, the easier it is to see them coming. Accidentally powering up means you have to change your game up a little. Fire = play the defense and attack carefully. Ice = abuse super armor, just like Sent XD


Like many characters, Sam is fun but needs strong friends for cover and good setups. He’s great with Sent in ice mode cause that’s just too much health, but my approach is quicker and, I’ll admit, cheaper. I play Sam best with Cyke AAA and Storm Proj. Storm is good enough on her own and can do good things with Sam’s proj assist backing her up, but she’s mostly for building guage or covering lag. When Samurai comes out, keep busy and wait for an assist or an ill-timed super and call out Cyclops. I’ve noticed it’s usually after the second free lightning hose-down that people are afraid to use assists with him at all. And the DHCs with this team are versatile and lethal.


Finally I see a few more samurai players here, Yeah Silver it’s pretty good people really underestimate him alot, Been using him for a while now and he’s been giving me lots of wins against expert players and by that I mean the Usual Sentinel, Storm, iron man, black heart,Magneto, and sometimes cable. I think cable for me it’s the worst character to face with silver, cuz cable users just tend to go Granade, 2 gun shots, asiist (sentinel),viper beam,and let’s face it silver isn’t the highest super jumper out there so they tend to stop you with that or,, jump quickly Hyper Viper beam and then that DAMN Glitch Hate it!!!:arazz: gets my samurai done fast CHEAPOS!:rolleyes::lol:

But yeah I’ve noticed that too when you get their assist they get scared you could tell and they even back away from you he he he, like I said he’s underestimated because when I beat any sentinel or the usuals etc… players out there with him people at my local arcade just stare at me with their mouth wide open he he he
Go Silver players out there.


If you’re ever out there playing for fun or want to embarrass some dude who’s trash talking, power Samurai up into ice mode. When you see an opening with their assist out, try to freeze both characters, but at least get one of them. DHC into Sonson’s big monkey and spray fire starting low and drag it up the screen. Funny damage. Plus, Sonson’s annoying-as-hell AAA sets up lightning like Cyclops.