Sim City


Anybody else retarded enough to pick this up?

Yes, even after Amazon dropped it from their site, after the never ending reviews about the servers being absolute ass, and even after the fact it’s a game made by EA, I still decided this would be a game I should purchase. Installing it now, maybe I will get to play it sometime next week :stuck_out_tongue:


Anybody who bought the game can get a free game from EA in a week.


You know you no longer get to complain about getting screwed by game companies if you keep supporting shitty companies with shitty practices, right?


yeah but they’re all shitty game companies that screw you with their shitty practices. Blizzard, Capcom, EA, Ubisoft, the list goes on and on and on. It’s mainly because gaming companies are now run by businessmen instead of gamers and programmers.

Besides I like to build cities then destroy them.


Sim City showing why gamers hate always online.


It’s more about the fact that a single player game shouldn’t 100% need online. Diablo didn’t need it, and this game sure as fuck didn’t. At least Diablo was kinda smart enough to require a lot of code from their servers, whereas the only online interaction you have in this game is when a friend of yours builds a city next to yours. Which you could easily just swap with AI or eliminate altogether.

Too many companies are using online always DRM as a copout, and a method of copyright protection, rather than actually having useful online stuff.

Either way, I get a free game with it (c’mon Battlefield 3), and they’ve more than doubled their servers today, and I don’t see any issues. Loading the game up now, and it says servers are available, so it’s GO TIME.


Man, its like the game tries to connect to 20 year old internet. I managed to play for a couple of hours today, when its working it is great. I can see me enjoying the game. When its working.


I haven’t had any isues. Yes, I read all about them, but EVERY major PC release seems to get obliterated serverwise due to corporate dickery and trying to save a buck.

That’s a major reason why I didn’t buy it on launch day.

Anywho, I am doing the training scenario now. Wow, this city is fucked up. Citizens are protesting, and the old mayor was run out of town? MAYBE IT IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO WATER, POWER, ROADS IN/OUT OF THE CITY, POLICE, OR FIRE DEPARTMENTS??? Seriously, that’s not a city, it’s a movie set.


Its a good game that has EA stink on it. I’m use to EA stink by now.

I’m really trying not to cheat for the disaster unlocks. But so far the lizard one is kinda lame., I need dem Meteors.


lol 20k for a fire department? Ummm, shit’s gonna be burning for awhile folks, please don’t send your benevolent dictator…errr mayor, any hate mail.

I need to find a guide or something for how to start a city. Apparantly spending 90% of my initial budget on high density roads wasn’t a well thought out plan :frowning:

Anybody interesting in partnering up or anything, for a region?


I just can’t support a game that if I ever can’t afford internet (which is a real possibility for me) becomes unplayable.

I loved Sim City back in the day but nostalgia can only take me so far over a cliff.


Hmmmm…you’re unable to build your city, then unleash a horde of disasters, then reload the city pre-disaster…isn’t that a hallmark of the Sim City series? That’s like dying in GTA making you start over from square one.


Usually when I’m unleashing disasters on my shit I intend to start over. I dont trust the servers to be saving shit right now.


Previous Sim City games had maximum efficiency for the size of a residential/commerical/industrial zone…basically u had to be within 3 squares of a road (so 6x6 or 4x6 or anything x 6 sized zones ) or shit wouldn’t build. Is that still the case? How should I handle building these zones?


Raise all your taxes to 99% and get $999,999.


Man, the server problems with this game are so shitty. I cant continue my city, getting “the next login attempt will be in 19 minutes” message. Joining another server means you have to start from scratch, unless there is something I am missing. Think I’ll have to play something else eh.


I still haven’t had any server issues yet o.0

Game has frozen on me a few times, but nothing task manager doesn’t fix.

I do admit, they need to patch a TON of features into this game, such as an easier way to save your city, and AI that will build cities in your region so you don’t have to build multiple yourself if you don’t want to.


I moved onto one of the newer/updated servers [NA East 3] and had no issues. Connected and saved just fine. One of the [semi]pros from the DRM bullshittery is that it saves it server side, so even if you computer turns off mid-way [like mine did last night], it was synced up and saved with the last thing I did, so, no starting over. Also, when the servers aren’t shitting on themselves and the trades/town hall moduels work, it’s great. Don’t always have to build onto your town hall if your neighboring towns already have it. BF and I try to make towns that are connected to be ale to send aide and not have to spend money uselessly on modules.

Far as zoning is concerned, I guess it depends on what the city you’re going for. I made a “College Town” which only has High Density Commercial, Residential areas and plenty of education [all the schools]. Depending on the shape and the wealth of your streets/land will determine what size buildings you’ll get. So, you can have a low density, high wealth land to have mansions or high density, low wealth land for roach motels. I tried to stay cleaner with this town, but, I have a few groody zones from when I first put industry down, before deciding on just doing commercial zoning only.

One of the interesting things I’ve been learning is how certain epidemics arise. Zombie attacks are from lack of a health care system, uneducated Sims and overly polluted areas. Those attacks are annoying and wreck your cities if you have it on the fastest speed. I’ve only had that and a tornado so far, I don’t know how that one was caused, but, fuck me sideways did it suck. Lower taxes in high land value areas bring dat $$$ in. Then they leave once you put it up to 20%. Fast but ineffective way to get money. My BF went the digging/trade route for his city [after he had a nuclear meltdown for not educating his Sims how to run it] and made $10.3Mil in an hour. Trade Depots are the best if you have high production value. Gotta bum money off of him cause I have too many services available trying to make my city not look like shit. I’ll post screenshots later.


i have a trade depot, but I assume you need to have neighbouring cities in order to trade resources???

Anywho, lemme know if you’re down for an extra person in your region Neesa. I really wanna try this game with others. I have no money problems so far, but got damn these cities are fucking tiny :frowning:


Yeah the Cities are so small. More inclined to think Sim Neighborhood than Sim City.

I cant log in at all at the moment. It’s saying login’s are closed at this point. Please try again later.

You are lucky you can play! I was looking forward to really trying the game out this weekend, it just wasnt meant to be.