Sim is dope



This is my not so secret character lol

I have been messing around with him for a while and i’ll be posting any good tips/shits in this supa good thread:D

Try out this combo

Launch sj fp, airdash df hold down lk,mp, land standing fk, lk flameXXyoga flame super.

I’ve been using that and dhc’ing into sent or ironman for just about 100% each time.

People say dhalsim has trouble landing hits which is sort of true BUT i think cross-ups with the sent drones with his hard attacks can work.

Also for a cool dhc guard break anywhere i:

Jumping fk, delay flame super in the airXXproton cannonXXhsf which is hella cheap.

Now if i could only figure out how to beat sentinel/capcom with this guy


Sweet combos man!


You know the magneto corner combos with all the fierces into a throw for reset… well try this one that I came up and have used for quite some time…,, / , hk, air dash forward, lk,hp,hk, \ /,, hcb+hp… then do whatever you want outta the NOOGIE!

Also, since the noogie is untechable, if they’re not jumping or ready to try and attack exretemely quickly, it’ll catch them… one of my favorite followups is…

call CapCom,,xx,fly (CapCom hits), lk infinite to top of screen.

or…,xx,hcb+hk,xx,qcf+pp… then DHC that shit!


Against Sent I try to land his infinite as much as possible since it’s so easy on him. Either try to fall on his head with attacks, or land low short-low strong XX superjump cancel (low strong is the only one that he can do this with) [sj short XX airdash towards short-strong-fierce] times n. Finish with a super if you’re able to. Also Sent’s size lets him get hit by the lk. flying infinite the easiest I think. Dash while flying lets you catch him by surprise.


I’m glad that sim is getting some respect, everyone thinks I’m joking when I pick him :frowning:


Sim is really kew I think…

I’ve been playing other teams lately, but now that I’m thinking about it, I think I should be able to get Sim about as good as my Magnus or Storm…

-less life
-better runaway
-still has combos to super for hella damage and DHC-ability
-combos ending with Yoga Strike have no damage scaling on the super
-longer range attacks
-still quick airdash
-limbs can be hit
-still fast ground dash
-fast flight mode
-instant startup super for frame killing/DHC combos
-good guardbreak
-can’t be comboed into a throw reset, and has easier time with most resets (teleport recovery)
-instant startup teleport
-no safe on block supers
-no real assist punishing ability with supers

When I look at it, even if he isn’t as good as mag or storm, I still think he can be pretty damn good… I think I’ma start workin’ with this guy more again and start practicing up for a trip to reset city.



As long as people keep playing Storm, Magneto and Cable often, I think Sim has a solid chance to become a new top tier.

I hope mixup, kdcmarvel or somebody else prove it at next Evo. It would be a nice change of things.

Sim’s arms can stop Capcom from appearing, but against Sentinel you need crazy reflexes to teleport against anything he does to cover it, hard fight, IMO


god damn, timing on his combos is really awkward. i think if you pair dhalsim up with cyc’s AA, he could do really well against rushdown because cyc gets them off, and dhalsim has limbs to cover just about every angle.



i remember liquid metal or shinobi having killer sim combos ande a infinite on sent i might be wrong


sim/im/sent is GANGSTA…pc to hsf is too good, EASY frame kill, im sets up the infinite after a throw, and sent gets a free combo after a throw with sim-ground. my fav. team by far…btw, i like sent-y with yoga man so much better than sent-a, although, sent-a is probably better for that team, i prefer drones. it helps with magneto a whole lot.

sim/cable/sent is a real good team too, just use sim to build meter and stuff. man, dahlsim is too fun.


lol… funny you mention them… I used to use Sim/IM/Sent-drones
then I moved to Sim/CapCom/Sent-a
then to Sim/Storm/Sent-drones
then to Sim/Sent-a/Cyke

and now I’m using… Sim/Cable/Sent-drones

Rocket punch is better for comboing with Sim, but I just love resets and throw into drones into yoga strike TOO DAMN MUCH.

Also, the Sim infinite on Sent works on all normal sized or bigger characters in the corner… too good!

Sim’s tri-jump+lk is HELLA good… like mags’ tri-jump+lk… just make sure you’re not holding the down direction, or else you get a drill which cancels to landing before a hit.

Wow… I love using Sim, this guy is top tier IMO… seems I can trade or beat Mag, Storm, or Cable with him about every time… while I build hella more bar too. Only problem is Sent, and with a good assist that can sometimes be about even, just don’t eat a combo for like 90% life (stupid too little life on Sim).



here’s the team i play with sim…


people’s biggest complaint about dhalsim is how he dies to sentinel. if i ever have dhalsim in, i just build 2 bars, look for an opening to counter into AHVB, and then fight sentinel with cable/cyclops.

i’m actually really new to sim, so i’m wondering what kind of combos does he have with cyc AA? does he have any with cable AA?



Awesome combos guys!

I’ve been experimenting with dhalsim/tron (projectile)/BH(AA)

If you can cross your oppent up into getting hit by tron projectile you can combo in jab, jab, short pause yoga strike. Does great damage if tron gets em good.

Also, BH AA sets up many opportunities to catch your opponent with yoga strike. They don’t even really have to get hit by it, because when they block (while super jumping) you can pretty much see where there falling and if you’re in the right place you can catch’em. Also, you can do: launch (call BH) jab, short, airdash straight upward (BH AA lands) xx yoga inferno. Or, you can launch (call BH) jab, short, airdash straight downward (BH AA lands) wait…xx yoga strike. Hope these prove useful…

My friend passed away :(

Wow… I took 13th at the last 41 man Seattle tourney using mainly Sim/Cable/Sent-g. (That’s really good for me… I’M MAYBE middle-ish tier in Seattle at best.)

Yes, against Sent I try to be patient and turtle, try to make him make mistakes and it’ll be a slow match, but hopefully doable… if their sent flies a lot, hcb+lk that shit into super… call sent drones if you want along with it so they can’t block, land, and dash to combo your ass.

May favorite thing now is throwing backwards with hk throw into drones, and comboing Yoga Strike from it… Sim has G00D rushdown… as good or better than Mags/Storms maybe? Maybe I’m just dumb, but that’s how I see it… since with assists, TK yoga fire, covering angles, etc… you’re practically rushing down from accross the screen! Then when you’re in close, tri jumping lk and hk are as fast as Mag’s lk and hk… just be sure to practice and avoid getting the drill… though the drill can be good to mix up, if you tri jump with the drill, it cancels and they’re in no block stun, that means the ability to throw (into drones into Yoga Strike for 2/3 life in most of my cases). My Sim is getting better and better by the day… I love this guy.

Oh, and the stupidest combo ever that works…,, (sent hits), dash (full length), qcf+kk

hahaha, when I first figured that out, I couldn’t believe it hits… and it does a LOT of damage for something so simple. Though, now I use drones instead of rocket punch, so I’m usually going for resets of all sorts instead. But one successful Dhalsim reset and 2 bars (DHC in there) or two resets and a bar = death… and it’s even worse in the corner.

Oh yea, and you can use the Cable assist to setup the semi finfinite to the top of the screen. Usually I try and reset that as well…,,xx,fly, (Cable gets a couple hits), lk, lk, lk, lk, call sent and fly under to the other side, reset (you just barely switched sides), lk,hp, qcf+pp (drones hit them in the back, then the super hits… aim down). It’s just too tight! You can also do some other cool stuff, like actually switch sides back and forth in that flying semi infinite while STILL comboing (no reset). do things like, lk, lk, lk, switch sides, lk, lk, switch sides, lk, switch sides, lk,d+mk, you cross up sides again and combo stops, call sent drones, air dash cross up to the other side… you come down with drones covering you by being in their back. It’s like, stylish MvC2 eye candy that is pimp as all hell.

Besides that, 1 on 1 (last characters left), I’d prolly rather have Sim than anyone else in the game… magneto is hella good for that, but I feel Sim has the fewest mismatches in that spot (Sent and maybe a glitched Juggy), what do you think?

WoW… Sim is dope, really! Anyone else got some input?


LS-40 and JLW mods thread (JLW-01 and JL-40W featured)
LS-40 and JLW mods thread (JLW-01 and JL-40W featured)

dhalsim is awesim

i play teams of:

:sim AAA, sent proj, cykes AAA and sim AAA, IM proj, cable AAA

outside of the corner, i just rely on poking + assist combos for damage and to bring them towards the corner.

-c.lp, c.lp + sent, s.fp, assist hits, dash in
-c.lp, c.lp, + IM, c.fp, assist hits, wave dash in, launch > air combo

-launch, XX a/d forward, lk, lp, land, walk forward, hcb + fp, [mash], dash in, XX yoga strike XX PC/HSF.

for flashiness, ill use his drill to set up some juggles. they dont do much life, but its good for show.

-launch, XX ad forward, lk, (lk) drill, call in IM proj, fk, land, unibeam juggles, oc.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, ad/uf lp, lk, lp, lk, fk.

in the corner is where dhalsim really shines. its very easy to set up and do his FSD combos for maximum damage.

in corner:

-launch, XX ad back, fk, delay fk*, land, pause,,, XX yoga strike XX PC/HSF

*causes the FSD. the timing for the FSD OTG is to wait for the screen to stop “bouncing” its very quick, so as soon is it stops hit them with the

-launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, ad back, fk, delay fk*, land, pause,, s.lp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, delay fk, land, s.lp, HCB + fp[mash], oc.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, ad back fk, delay fk*, land, pause,, s.lp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, delay fk, land,,,, land, yoga strike.

*both times cause the FSD. again the timing for the FSD OTG is to wait for the screen to stop moving. also, during the ad back fk, during the pause for the second fk, sim will start to float forwards, thus making it easier to set up the, s.lp relaunch.

its a double FSD, unrollable, untechable reset combo. whee!!

i use sim’s AAA to set up IM’s infinite and a nifty sent corner combo.

IM set up:

-launch, sj.fp XX ad forward, lk, u+fp XX fly, lk + sim, fp XX unfly, assist hits, land, j.lp, j.lp,, j.u+fp, land infinite.

sent in corner (might be able to be done anywhere):

-launch, call in sim, sj.fp XX fly, assist hits, (lp) RP, lk, lk, DP RP, fly in throw.

then laugh cuz its funny.

sim/sent in corner:, + sent proj, s.fp, assist hits, oc.fp, XX ad back fk, delay fk, land, pause,,, XX yoga strike XX HSF, dash in c.fp XX RP XX HSF, c.fp XX fly, lk, lk XX hard drive XX yoga strike.

lol…easy to do, looks fancy. only works if you have those 2 characters left.


oh yeah…stoopid sim combo ive ever seen.

ive only gotten it to work on jugs for some reason.


launch, XX dash cancel fk*, fk.

dash cancel is cancelling an air dash into an attack before dash comes out. i use to to cancel out any lag a move might have. in this case its the first fk’s lag.

whats funny about this combo is that the second fk causes the FS, but if you tap FK, you’ll see sims leg pop out of nowhere (just the leg itself) and kick jugs in the face while hes still in the FS.

if you’re close enough in the corner you can go for the FSD OTG…


correction on sim combo:

launch, XX a/d back fk, land,,, XX strike XX HSF.


What’s the Sim infinite?


Sim infinite…

/ , lk, airdash forward, lk,mk,<hk, \ /…

that works on any normal characters in the corner, and on Sentinel at midscreen.

Also, anything into flying lk repeated over and over is a semi-infinite until you reach the top of the screen.

There is also / \ lk, air dash d/f, lk, on standing opponent, but that is seriously hard as hell to pull off… especially in the middle of a match.



Ooh, I gots new stuffs…

(far) c.lp+sent-a,,xx,/ , airdash forward (sent hits), d+lk,mp, \ /, …

then you have your choice of anything you normally do from his dash down combo…

a) d/f+hp,/
b) hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp, DHC if desired…
c) qcf+kk
d) resets

Yea, so my recent team switch has been to Sim/Storm/Sent-a

Sim with two bars is now like Storm with two bars from halways accross the screen… too good.

BTW… I made a Sim vid, AIM me if you want it. My AIM s/n is Duhazlym .