Sim/seth fireball then teleport behind you attack

how do you get out of this. i played a sim that threw a fireball as i blocked it, he teleported behind me and did that infamous 3 hit combo ending with a yoga flame. he did this constantly and destroyed me.

i usually neutral jump it.

but i don’t have a problem blocking it though. are you not switching sides?

While you are blocking the fireball, block the other way when they teleport, that simple.

hold the joystick in the opposite direction of the opponent to block, disregard the position of the projectile.

What everyone else said, for most characters you have to just guess right if it’s done on wakeup. If it’s done while you’re standing though, as osiriskidd said you can just jump out of it so no guessing required.

-Block Main
-Jump forward (towards fireball) and immediately fierce/RH

Jump back HP/HK should work if they teleport behind you, but once they know that you know what to do they might change it up.

neutral jump is the easiest thing to do