Sim vs bison video #3

will be updating this with vids
1st video is a ryu player named TPH Itachi (very good ryu)
2nd video is an Abel player named Rico Suave (best east coast abel)
3rd video is a bison player named Youtube

  1. [media=youtube]Gb5xVYof_qU[/media]
    semi-finals vs ryu

  2. [media=youtube]XPvNd9E9MOs[/media]
    finals vs abel


will post more vids if you guys want but i am lost vs Rico’s Abel, no idea what to do LOL

Good shit. I really like how you use back dash. The only thing I have a problem with is the meaty st.fierce on resets. But after watching that whole ryu vid I see you stopped that and even baited it, so good shit.
Yeah Abel is messed up. With him I like to do my ultras further away, at least when I’m doing it after a knockdown, since he has his roll and overhead kick, both crazy invincible. But that command grap yeeeshhh

the aniti air supers were amazing also blocking the ex srk ultra escape was sick.

not to suer on able myself as when they get in on me if they do thier sting combo mix ups it takes alot so i tried to block the meaty jump in but they then mix up command throw with empty jumps maybe i should teleport more but able seems quik on the ground. guess i could use exflame if i have it or slide more. but easier ables i tend to zone out

more vids would be cool =) have learnt some new stuff ty for the vids

You’ve got a real solid Sim there. I wish I could hire those announcers to come to our local events, they’re fucking funny. Sounds like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen the game, on top of being high

Solid fights. Bro where do you sign up for these local NY tournaments? I live in NYC area, i’m always interested in these. Just can’t seem to find them.


Good Shit, Adnan!!

I played Rico tonight because the ‘best Abel on the East Coast’ title intrigued me. Dude SMASHED me. FT5, he won 5-1. Shit got pretty ugly.

Adnan, when you were using ultra that abel ex-escaped out of it every time. try adapting to it and punish the escapes.

First of all, awesome Sim. Really solid fundamentals and smart play all around. That Ryu was impressive too, very clutch stuff to pull that one out. I hate the 50/50 guess after blocking a srk>fadc. Do you try to tech the throw, or block again in case they do another srk?? I kept expecting him to srk a second time but he never did, just kept throwing.

And man I’ve fought Rico Suave’s Abel on XBL a while back, dude is no fuckin joke. His profile said something about making all the Ken/Ryu players into runaway turtles w/ his rushdown Abel, and that he would beat them down anyway. After I finally won a couple matches I had to message him to say that running away and teleporting like crazy was the only chance I had to win, and even then it was by the skin of my teeth! I hate when I have to run away and teleport around the screen like a spaztard, but vs. one of those super rushdown Abel players you have no choice! That goddamn TT can grab you from the player select screen, does stupid damage to sim, and because of Abel’s quick dash he’s in on you in .4 seconds putting you in blockstring to TT hell. Fuck him. Easily one of Sim’s worst matchups.

Haha, oh wow. That was really sick. The Ryu was incredibly good in Spacing, and that Abel, no need to discuss, easily one of the best Abels I’ve ever seen.

Very solid Dhalsim, of course, that goes without saying. I though think you teleported a tad bit too much and got predictable with it.

Just jumping in for some more ballfondling, nice stuff adnan, been following your bar fights etc on fadc. :woot:

going to post some more vids probably in the next few days

Very good Sim.

I usually don’t use c.lp at all, 'cause of his ridiculous damage.

I’ve seen you like a lot doing this poke sequence while your opponent is close:

I would not use the last hit. The risk of being hit by a random shoryuken is too high for that damage.

As some people said, vs Abel you’ve to punish his ex-escaped after Ultra or, better, do not ultra while he’s down.

Vs Abel I play a little bit more aggressive, and I use few teleports. I generally wait his error instead of try to escape. If he’s focus happy, is great at a certain distance because it gives you time to hit him a second time before he can FA you.

p.s: Why did you not post these videos in video thread? Using “sim vs abel and ryu (with vids)” I thought you would talking about this two matchups (we already have that threads too :wink:

i didn’t pay attention when i made this thread :frowning:

very good sim
but i saw that u use yoga tower too much abel took advantage of that