Sim vs Guy



So Guy’s air throw is a pain in the ass. You can poke him out of it, but that’s only if he’s super predictable with it. His spinny shoulder slam thingy (Cammy’s Spinning Backfist) is also quite annoying, as it makes Yoga Fire spam a bit of a gamble if you’re in ideal range.

So how do you counter him?

I find that jab Yoga Flame does a LOT to stuff him. It even seems to catch his slide, which is quite nice, but its horrendous recovery makes it less than ideal to use regularly.

So what do you all do against Guy?


From my very limited experience against Guy, yoga tower works quite well in the match up. It also seems a guarantee U2 when Guy runs towards you. Sorry too little experience to be definite.


I usually use yoga blast or ex on reaction to his flip from half or full screen for good dmg as an anti air. If hes preety close and still doing flip games then use If you are good at the timing is probably a better choice because it leaves you with less recovery if he decides to fake and land behind you or something.

I find it easier to crouch block always when you think hes going for a slide, the overhead that he could do is alot slower and its easier to switch blocks on reaction.


anyone know if your HK slide beats guys Hayagake (run slide MK)? and if they do HK do your hk slide go below their overhead kick? dont own my own SSF4 so cant test until weekend :frowning:


Against Guy i don’t use fb at all. Hes a very tricky char and can get close very fast and punish you while you’re recovering from your fb.

Just be in media range and poke him, you’ll stuff a lot of his moves with st lk, st mk and st mp
If he jumps AA him or backdash and punish or slide and punish.

Just don’t be too predictable with your pokes and be patience :slight_smile:
If you lose your patience you lose the match


This is a 7-3 matchup at best for Sim…Guy seems worse than C. Viper, Rufus and Cammy


Do not jump to avoid the air throw him. Use the back puntch average punich to poke him. Yoga tower perfectly clear to avoid tripping him. De rest is experience

#8 xx flame lp is the solution!
Just discover in training mode.
If you’re crouched he cannot grab you and his recovery is so long that you can punish him.
If he use elbow simply do xx flame lp. You’ll win in both case (grab or elbow!)
Go Sim!

#9 his air throws. Works for me every single time. Not so sure about Ex but if i remember correctly it works just fine.


Found something very interesting with a friend in training mode

Guy cannot cross up Sim while in mid screen, he can cross up only if Sim is cornered :smiley:


do you mean with elbow?


with anything

he cant crossup and hit , it will wiff
but as i said it works when is in the corner
or if you react to the crossup with any move ( anti air for example )

and guy has this problem only against Sim :slight_smile:


Don’t think that’s right. My guy playing buddy crosses me up on a regular basis. I’ll ask him what attack he uses.

edit: he said MK

He said on wakeup it won’t work unless in the corner. He said that the spacing is very very tight.

We’ll look into this some more and report back.


In super I started playing guy and he has this bug against sim and rose very hard to play your normal game when it’s nearly impossible to do crossups.


not only on wakeup

it whiffs anytime as long as Sim is not cornered , and you must not try to anti air him , just block

try it

Edit: this is a video i made to show you what i mean


watch and enjoy :wink:


Bumping this thread because I have a terrible time vs my local Guy player.

Feels like I can’t stop Guy’s blockstring when he does normal x run stop. Any advices?


It’s really hard.

You can get away sometimes using LK slide xx Mp Flame as option select.
If he runs and stops or tries to hit low, you hit him (or he’ll block).
If he does the overhead you’ll slide udner it.

Then he starts to realize this and starts to do his run slide way earlier, to make his slide hit yours, and then the trouble begins lol.

On a side note, ALWAYS b.MP the bunshin flip. And don’t eat his frame traps, eat a throw if you have to but don’t press buttons.


The main problem is that he never gets push back far enough after ending a blockstring since he’s gonna run stop back in front of you. I’m really scare to use whatever move to flame/fireball because my local Guy reacts to it and does tatsu so i get punished.

This matchup is really different then others because he seems to have all the good tools of other character (i.e ex run, slide, jump elbow, good jump arc, and really good frame traps if you dont have a dp. So far I didn’t find a solution to blockstring xx run stop. Ever since that 3 frame buff I get hit by it way much more.


You can try to throw the run if you predict it, there’s a small delay when he stops that he can’t do anything but of course it won’t work every time.
Its a really sad matchup.


yoga tower negates guy’s ultra 2.
that is all