Sim vs. rufus



Fairly surprised this wasn’t made yet.
Since we’re going for individual threads until some messiah creates our commandments, I’m starting the one we all hate.
I have next to no experience v. a good rufus, but I have started playing with a local player who knows his shit. So I don’t know if what I have to offer is because of the player or the char, but I guess that’s what forums are for so w/e.

I’ve found I use backdash in this match more than any other. Out of block messiah or galactic, it’s pretty good, and while you can get punished with another galatic or messiah if you aren’t constantly doing it they’ll probably stick to advancing with a jump-in, dive kick, snake strick to guess, or just something generally safer. Back dashing off of AA resets are good too, jump happy Rufus’ can get punished by super if they jump in after doing this.

No dumb fires, wakeup supers or ultras when he’s got stock because it’s free ex messiah.
That’s all I got. like I said I’m still lost so please pick my shit apart.

edit: clutch slides under crossup dive kicks.


I should not post in this thread.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

IMO, s.HK is GOD!

I’ll just shut up.:razzy:


this match-up is 10-0 and that is all.


After a messiah kick, instead of guessing low or high block, use the Iyo strategy:

if you’ve no super, do lk slide xx yoga fire/flame

if you’ve got super, do lk slide xx super:

  1. you will automatically block lk messiah before doing any slide, so you can punish later
  2. you’ll hit mk messiah
  3. you will whiff hk messiah (overhead) but you can punish after.


Yessssss. I’ve foolishly tried to reversal super but it’s really dumb, punished by hk follwup.


That is fucking godlike. You’re the man right now.

I play crazy good Rufus’… for some reason, Toronto only plays Rufus and Balrog, lol. The match isn’t 10-0 (cuz, like, a 10-0 matchup = game is broken) but its fucking hard as fuck.

I wish I could contribute to this thread, but I feel like everytime I beat a good Rufus it’s because I got lucky.


its the truth :rofl:


only reason i say 10-0 is because the only good rufus i play is justin


I suggest to download this video --> It’s about 1 gb.

You’ll find two Arturo matches, vs Akuma and vs Rufus.
The second one will show you how to zone the fatman and to escape from bad situations.
However Arturo’s play is really brilliant, he falls down just twice in 3 matches :slight_smile:

Another trick I remember, is a post of Ultradavid where he said to use ~ lk+lp after a dive kick. This option select should guarantee a tech throw or an instant punish ( for a second dive kick. I never tried it but seems cool.


so the mp would hit him as he goes up for another dive kick? i used to use for teching tick throws. but im trying to practice db.lp~lk for the quiker frame start up but im trying to find a comfortable way to press the buttons not sure if it will work for a repeated dive kick as i have not tried this


mp seems to be better because it’s active for one more frame. With db.lp semetimes you whiff him because you do too early.

However the best limb in this case is… maybe you should try ~ lp+lk but it will not work against low attack. Gotta go in the training stage once again :slight_smile:


Oh, so you mean the Justin-Adnan matchup is 10-0. :stuck_out_tongue:


yea justins rufus is a headache, i can zone him out but when he is in its GG


lol active for 1 more frame =/, but i guess mp would b better as maybe the startup frames helps against a repeat dive kcik also the mp does more damage and range stun etc.

also the rufus matchup for me is hard. trying to keep him out works but when he is in on me i panic too much on trying to hit and get out or just get out. where i should be more confidant bloacking and waiting eching


i would imagine trip guard works well in this match vs a rufus jumping at you spamming Could be wrong, haven’t tested it.


it can work but its so slow that rufus can just dive kick twice when you do it and you don’t want to take a chance with rufus on you.


I tried both limbs on training mode and I felt more comfortable to do a instead of db.lp after the first blocked dive kick.

The lp limbs is too fast and you risk to perform too early (and you’ll be hit), the second one seems easier to do. Hope you understand now what I meant :slight_smile:


I was trying to slide under dive kicks last night and found that short slide will almost always still get hit by the dive kick.


I play Rufus, the only advice I can say is that Dhalsim’s s.HK can get beaten by a neutral jump dive kick. Meaning I’m standing between 1/2 and 3/4 away from sim, I neutral jump, sim does I dive kick, do good damage, and am now a lot closer to sim, and sim is pretty much fucked. So, my obvious advice, is instead of trying to hit rufus out of the air with s.HK, backdash and hit him once he hits the ground.


Yea, I think sliding under dive kicks is a no-go in general. I’ve got pinned trying to short- and forward-slide under em’.