Simetsu or sanwa for 3s play?

i want the most authentic possible stick for 3s…

:slight_smile: thx

well, honestly, I haven’t played on an arcade machine that uses either. the arcade close to me had all happ parts in their machine. I have a sanwa stick with sanwa buttons though, and I’ve gotten used to it and I like it. just replace those square restrictors with round ones. Dunno about seimitu sticks though, but their buttons are about the same as sanwa, as far as I can tell…

i hate round restrictor plates :slight_smile:

i ment that the sticks they use in japan, but thx for the feedback :slight_smile:

I’d say sanwa then, seems like most people here like those the best, and they are all square. I just mentioned replacing the restrictor if you wanted a somewhat USA style.

I’m really digging my new sanwa stick right about now.

yeah shodokan long time no chat man… but yeah doode it really doesnt matter… they are both top tier sticks… like i like the sanwa octagon gates but the seimitsu are a bit stiffer with less of a square but its still kinda there. so it mainly depends if you like squares or octagons or circles… or semi squares… then its how stiff you want it. seimitsus are stiffer and im getting 2 of them soon for my self… but i still like sanwas just the same.

Most 3S cabs in Japan use some kind of Seimitsu, from what I’ve read. I’ve never played on a Jap cab before, heh.:sweat:

I’ve read that most cabs in Japan use Sanwa, but Game Newton and KSK’s Gamer’s Vision use Seimitsu, which are the two biggest arcades in Tokyo when it comes to 3S. I hope that when the US teams get to top 32, they can see what sticks are used there and let us know.

Can anyone confirm what Matrix said about Seimitsus being stiffer?

^^ yeah they are a little stiffer. I like the seimitsu better for 3s but sanwas are still great sticks

Id personally go with the sanwa for 3s

so many mixed opinions…

if the best in the world play on seimitsu then i might too :slight_smile:

seimitsu stick + Sanwa buttons = 2D fighting/shooter bliss (didn’t try 3D fighting yet but sanwa stick might be better for that)

seimitsu stick have the same ball tops as the sanwa? as in you can use one with the other?

yes…it worked for me atleast:wonder:


Pick either one, the difference will have zero affect on your play.

Sanwa for the win.

I have 1stick with LS-32-01 and 1stick with LS-33-01 and the diference is very notisable.
If anyone buys a seimitsu make it LS-32-01, that is my vote.
Also, I will be selling them PRETTY cheap from my new webpage that is soon to finish…more info later.

To clarify again:

I mentioned previously in one thread (maybe my HRAP2 thread) that most 3S arcades in Japan use Seimitsu. However, I was wrong. The joysticks I used in arcades felt different than my HRAP so I thought that it was for sure a different joystick, but it turns out the Sanwa’s at arcades are simply just more “broken in” and thus have a slightly different feel to an HRAP even if it is using the exact same joystick. I learned to verify which joystick is which thanks to some Japanese Web site, which showed that Sanwa’s use a rigid-top dust disc (the black, circular disc that covers up the hole for the joystick) while Seimitsu’s is smooth.

The majority of arcades in Japan use Sanwa. “Majority” means probably 80% to 90% of Japanese arcades in the Tokyo area. Sanwa’s are typically slightly cheaper than Seimitsu sticks, which is probably the reason for this. Seimitsu’s are a little “clickier” than Sanwa’s are at first, and to me feel a little bit more “American”. Meaning, I think that a typical American player would have an easier time learning to play on a Seimitsu than a Sanwa because of its closer feel to American joysticks. Also, Game Newton and Gamer’s Vision both use Seimitsu’s, so the owners of these arcades seem to think that Seimitsu is a “better” stick for 3S. However, it really just depends on the arcade. Last week, I even went to an arcade that has a Sanwa on the 1P side and a Seimitsu on the 2P side.

The above doesn’t apply just for 3S either, 90% of arcades use Sanwa for all of their fighting games, period. VF, 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear, you name it, they all have Sanwa’s.

However, when both sticks are “broken in”, they feel almost exactly the same, and only the really picky gamers would be bothered by it. Most Japanese top players do not even know what Sanwa and Seimitsu are, they simply notice that joysticks feel a little different depending on the arcade and it doesn’t bother them.

I personally am most comfortable on Sanwa’s because that is what the majority of arcades here use. I notice the difference now when I go to Vision or Newton, but it isn’t a big deal, like I said most people don’t even notice. At first, I was more comfortable on Seimitsu’s because I felt more confident in doing double fireball motions and things like that, but now I play the same on both.

I hope this will clarify the issue once and for all, I’m sorry for posting inaccurate information a few months back but after researching I corrected my previous mistakes. I like to be very accurate about these type of things, so you can trust that this is accurate information. If anyone else has any type of joystick question, please ask and I will try to answer.

The cabs in Hong Kong felt like Sanwas, they also had circular gates. The buttons on the other hand, I have no idea. They look like Sanwa but were smaller and a bit harder to press (perfect imo).

Buttons-wise Sanwa’s are a little too responsive for me, sometimes I have a hard time hitting them together so EX’s and whatnot often don’t come out :annoy:.
It’s real annoying, but the thing is I can’t change them as they’re snap-in on my stick. I really wanna try out Seimitsu buttons as well…

Also Sanwas have a black shaft cover, where as Seimitsus is just a silver shaft. That could be because my Sanwa is off an HRAP so I don’t know about arcades. But to me so far it’s an obvious difference.

^I actually find Ex’s come out when I don’t want them to.

I played on HRAP with both and I liked Seimitsu more. If anyone is interested I’ve got HRAP 1.0 with Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu joystick for sale :smiley: Sanwa is very good for games requiring exact direction input like GG series and 3d fighters. But Seimitsu is better in rotations and if you haven’t played on Sanwa (as me) before it’s hard to get used to it. Seimitsu is closer to “American/Europe” joysticks. I played on Seimtsu with battop, but I have no time to play now :confused: Work + university = no time at all :confused: